Best Ways to Block Ads on a Smart TV?

Please let me know the what are the best ways to block ads on a Smart TV. I have no idea about this. If anyone knows then help me.


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Best Ways to Block Ads on a Smart TV:

If you haven't noticed, the price of smart TVs has significantly decreased in recent years. The cause is that businesses now rely on advertisements to make money. But can users of a smart TV restrict adverts in any way?

Although there are plenty, not all of them operate, and some are so difficult that consumers think it's safer to watch the advertisements. So, it was our duty to present the simplest techniques for Block Ads on a Smart TV. Find out by reading on.

Does Advertising Appear on all Smart TVs?

We hope that not all manufacturers use adverts, even though most smart TVs do. But, the larger ones and now even TV subscription services, including Roku, provide advertisements to viewers. A little while back, Roku featured an advertisement for a bed during a live broadcast of an NFL game.

Advertisements are displayed to viewers according to data gathered regarding their viewing habits, location, and other crucial factors by major manufacturers like Vizio, Samsung, LG, and TCL.

Whereas the days of tolerating lengthy ad breaks are long gone, the odd pop-ups are still intrusive and problematic.

Do Smart TVs Gather Information?

Many people might find this shocking, but the answer is yes. Automatic Content Recognition (ACR), a built-in feature on certain smart TVs, collects data on channels being watched and when.

So why would a TV store or distribute data? To market it to sponsors of targeted advertising. So, in addition to collecting data, smart TVs also share that data with potential marketers. Be sure to carefully read the terms and restrictions the next time you set up a smart TV.

On a Smart TV, How Can I Disable Ads?

Updating the DNS server

  • Go to Advanced network settings on the smart TV. Every TV, regardless of the brand, has a choice for it.
  • Select the DNS server now, then set the manual.
  • Save the modifications by entering the following information as the DNS server:
  • Preferred DNS server:
  • Alternate DNS server (if asked):
  • The DNS server we previously utilised is a part of AdGuard, a specialised programme for ad blocking and assuring online security. You can also download and set up the AdGuard app for any Android TV from the official site.

Using the Router's Settings, Disable the ad Links.

Using a PC to access the router settings is typically more efficient. You must go to the following address to access the majority of routers:

  • Enter your username and password to log in.
  • Find the Filter options, then input the URLs for the ads you typically see on TV here. Just be sure to add them to your blacklist rather than your allowlist.
  • You must turn off the utilise information from the TV inputs function in the settings for Roku TV and a select few other streaming media players to ban adverts on a smart TV.

Find Out If There is an ad-free Option.

  • Although it's typically more expensive than the standard one, many streaming and TV providers offer an ad-free option. Yet that would be the best approach if you wanted to remove adverts from a smart TV permanently.
  • Remember that these programmes are frequently restricted to particular nations, so double-check that.

These were a few of the greatest techniques for ad blocking on smart TVs. Of course, all techniques work to prevent advertisements on Smart TVs made by Panasonic or any other company.

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  • 01 March 2024