Does Vidgo Have Video on Demand (VOD)?

Is there anyone who knows about Does Vidgo Have Video on Demand (VOD). I am facing some issues while trying to watch it. Help me.


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Does Vidgo Have Video on Demand (VOD):

Vidgo is one of the new entries in the Live TV streaming world. One of the greatest advantages of this streaming service is that it is easily affordable. The cheapest Vidgo plan that you can access is worth 39.99 dollars.

This plan gives you access to more than 60 channels. Vidgo seems like a good option as the prices are easily affordable and it is cheaper than YouTube, Hulu Live TV, fubo TV, and AT&T TV NOW. However, this service lacks various departments and has fewer features to offer. It also gives you access to traditional VOD. 

Why is Video on Demand Important? 

There are various benefits of a live TV streaming service. Freedom to choose is one of the basic benefits. It is one of the key selling points of this streaming service. It allows you to switch services on a monthly basis, the location that you wish to access from, and watch on the devices you want. 

Nevertheless, the main part of that freedom is VOD which allows the subscribers to choose when they wish to watch from a library of shows and movies. Cloud DVR can also achieve the same thing in principle.

However, DVR limitations mean that the subscribers cannot have access to the wealth of content they can have through VOD service. The cloud DVR option would require the user to record and manage all the content. 

Instead, with access to shows and movies that got aired recently or have been a part of the network's back catalog, VOD significantly increases the value of products offered by this streaming service. 

Why does Vidgo not Offer VOD? 

Vidgo has never openly mentioned the reason why it doesn't offer VOD. However, these aren't the priorities that a streaming service company should focus on during its initial stages.  As compared to other TV streaming services, this is a very young service. Initially, it started with an early beta stage with a reduced cost. Earlier, Vidgo did not offer many channels as it does now. 

It has surely left the beta status behind and had a complete customer launch. Nonetheless, Vidgo compensated for the services it did not offer by providing the features that other services don't provide like a greater emphasis on social engagement. 

As mentioned earlier, Vidgo is an affordable service. Presently, it is a cheap service. If you wish to get more features, then you need to pay an extra charge for those additional services. Particularly if they pay extra for licensing of VOD content.

Adding this feature can cause an interface infrastructure issue. This feature is quite useful but requires a robust interface, which the company does not yet have. Rather, providing access to live feeds is a lot easier than needing an app or browser to use the VOD catalog. 

The last thing is a lot more difficult for Vidgo as it does not have previous video platform experience. Vidgo does not have a platform infrastructure that YouTube, Sling, and Hulu have. This is happening because Vidgo needs some time to implement this feature in the way it wishes to.

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  • 31 January 2024