How Many Devices Can Stream at the Same Time on Youtube TV?

Is there anyone how many devices Can stream at the same time on Youtube tv. I want to stream it on multiple devices. Help me.


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Youtube TV is a streaming service platform that allows you to watch live TV and content over the internet. It can be accessed with the help of multiple devices like smart TVs, gaming consoles, Mobile phones, and media players. If you want to watch YouTube TV on multiple devices, you have to subscribe to YouTube TV. With the help of a subscription plan, you can log in to your account on multiple devices and stream your favourite content.

YouTube TV comes with a subscription plan with a device limit, which can be removed by upgrading the plan.

After installing YouTube TV, you can stream the content by logging into your YouTube TV account.

On How Many Devices is There a Limit For Watching YouTube TV?

The base plan, which costs around $64.99 per month, has a device limit of three. You can watch YouTube TV on three devices simultaneously at the base plan. These can be any device like Phones, laptops, or computers. However, the base plan does not allow you to download and watch the content offline. You can only watch the content with the help of an internet connection.

Although the YouTube TV has three device limits, you have to remember that a specific type of content may not be available in all the locations. Due to this reason, you may not be able to watch the same content at both locations.

As an account owner, you can share your account with up to five family members. Each family member will get a DVR and can set their preferences. No one will be able to watch the library or the history of other members.

YouTube TV unlimited screens price plan

If you wish to remove this three-device limit, you must upgrade the base plan. You can upgrade the base plan to 4K plus add-on by paying an extra $19.99 monthly. After upgrading the base plan, the three-device limit will be removed, but you will also be provided 4K video support and the ability to watch content offline.

DVR Recordings and Streams

Other than sharing an account with other people, one more benefit of this streaming service is that it enables you to record the content of your choice on Cloud DVR. In fact, this is one of the best benefits of YouTube TV. It does not only offer unlimited DVR but it is also customized as per the needs of every account member.

So, every member can enjoy unlimited DVR. Additionally, it is unlimited because every member can record as much content he or she wants on cloud DVR. Basically, one member can record every possible TV show, movie, and live content available on YouTube TV to cloud DVR.

However, you cannot play the same recordings again. Basically, streaming live content or watching recorded content is almost the same. This is because when one content is streaming, one stream is occupied. youtube tv family sharing how many devices.


YouTube TV is a great option to watch content of your choice. With the 4K plus ad, you can enjoy watching the content offline. It is compatible with so many devices, including Android and iPhone. So you do not have to face any compatibility issues.

FAQs for How Many Devices Can Stream Youtube TV

1) Can you stream more than 3 devices on YouTube TV?

You can stream over three devices on YouTube TV by upgrading the base plan to 4K plus add-on.

2) Can you use YouTube on multiple devices at the same time?

Yes, you can use YouTube on multiple devices at the same time because the base plan has a three-device limit.

3) How do I watch two channels at once on YouTube TV?

Log in to your YouTube TV account, select and start watching the channel of your choice, and click on the "live" option at the top of the screen to open the second channel. Now, a list of channels will be displayed; select the second channel you want to watch.

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