How Many Simultaneous Screens can Hulu Have?

Is there anyone who knows about how many simultaneous screens can Hulu have. I have bought this subscription but don't have enough knowledge about this. Help me.


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14 November 2023

How Many Screens for Hulu:

Hulu is an amazing online streaming platform with 35 million subscribers. It has many popular TV shows and also offers on-demand services to its users. Not just that, it also provides a Live TV service.

You can install the Hulu app on mobile devices, Smart TVs, and streaming boxes. Therefore, making it easier for users to access Hulu content anytime and anywhere they want.

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Every individual who subscribes to video streaming services gets various privileges. However, there are some trade-offs. These include the limitation on the number of simultaneous streams. Like many other streaming services, Hulu users are also bound by these restrictions. 

If you are watching Hulu on-demand, then you cannot stream content on more than one device. You can log into Hulu on different devices but you can only use one device for streaming Hulu on-demand content. 

However, Hulu Live TV allows you to stream content on two devices simultaneously. Just like on-demand services, you can log into your account on many devices but there can only be two simultaneous streams.  

If you want more streams, then you will have to pay charges. The upgrade price for multiple simultaneous streams is 15 dollars. If you are a Hulu Live TV subscriber, then you can use your login ID and password for various websites and apps.

This facility is called TV everywhere. Hulu with Live TV offers support to more than 45 channel apps. However, the channel needs to be a part of your package. 

When you choose the option of Hulu with Live TV as the provider on your website or application and enter the login details, then you will be able to access the content of the app. This streaming is restricted to the two-stream limit.

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