How Much Is NFL RedZone on YouTube TV?

I am facing some issue in to know how much is NFL RedZone on YouTube TV. What is RedZone and how to use on YouTube TV. Help me.


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The current price of Youtube tv RedZone price is 10.99 dollars. This is apart from the subscription price. Nevertheless, this price is not only for NFLRed Zone but this includes other sports channels too. This is so because NFL RedZone is now a part of YouTube TV's new add-on.

Youtube TV is a TV streaming service like Hulu, Sling TV, DirecTV, and many others. YouTube TV is a lot like a traditional cable package, but instead of your cable company, you are receiving service from YouTube. They also offer a free trial to test the service and then think of buying the YouTube TV plans. It also offers Live TV streaming with 40 Live TV channels.

YouTube TV shares a partnership with local TV stations to provide sports and local news based on the place you live. It includes some major sports networks, regional sports networks, and Comcast SportsNet.

As a viewer, you can watch YouTube TV from anywhere on your devices like Phones, tablets, or computers. Youtube TV can be watched on both Android and iOS.

What is the NFL Redzone?

NFL Redzone is a sports channel on television. The channel streams 7 hours of live football on Sunday hosted by Scott Hanson. It features up to 8 games all at once. You will not be interrupted by the presence of ads in between the matches. It is a great way to watch every NFL game every week.

In the NFL, the red zone is the pro football scoring area where most teams are supposed to score either a touchdown or field goals. The NFL does not stream the whole game; it shows every touchdown from every game. They also show most scoring plays outside the field goals and major plays that set up the scoring opportunity.

The NFL is not a platform to watch games from beginning to end. To watch the full game, you will have to watch the main broadcast.

The add-on channels include

  • FOX College Sports
  • TVG2/TVG
  • MAVTV Motorsports Network
  • NFL Red Zone
  • Stadium
  • FOX Soccer Plus

How to Add RedZone to YouTube TV?

To add Redzone to YouTube TV, you need to first sign in to your YouTube TV account, go to your profile, manage the settings section, choose the membership option, choose Sports Plus, and purchase the package.

To enjoy the Redzone on your YouTube TV, you have to buy a standard YouTube TV plan, which costs around $72.99 per month. NFL Redzone can be accessed on YouTube TV by adding a Sports Plus package. This add-on sports plus package costs an additional $11 per month.

Below are the instructions that you need to follow to Add Redzone to YouTube TV.

  • Open your internet browser and then go to the main website of YouTube TV.
  • Select the profile picture given at the top-right vertex.
  • Click on Settings and then click on membership.
  • Select the check mark given right next to Sports Plus.
  • Click on Agree.

Once you are done adding Sports Plus, the subscriber will be able to watch all the games he or she likes on NFL RedZone such as college football, rugby, soccer, motorsports racing, hockey, and basketball.

Also, the subscriber is going to see NFL RedZone cost 10.99 dollars added to his or her bill. Apart from access to on-demand content and live events, the subscribers can also record sports content using the popular Cloud DVR of YouTube TV.

However, when it comes to NFL Red Zone, the subscriber cannot watch the content of a particular league, team, or game. Rather, the subscribers will have to add NFL RedZone to the DVR library, which leads to recording a complete 8-hour program.


YouTube TV is a great option to stream live channels and watch your favourite content. You have to buy the appropriate package that will cover all of your desired channels. People wanting to add Red Zone will have to buy a standard plan along with an additional sports plus package to enjoy NFL Redzone.

FAQs for NFL Redzone Youtube TV

1) How much does it cost to add NFL RedZone to YouTube TV?

You will have to buy the standard YouTube TV plan, which costs around $72.99 per month, and an additional sports plus package worth $11 per month.

2) Can I add just RedZone to YouTube TV?

Yes, you will have to sign in to your YouTube TV account, go through the settings section, add the Sports Plus package, choose the package, and confirm the subscription by paying the cost.

3) What YouTube TV package has RedZone?

The standard YouTube TV plan offers a Redzone channel. In addition to this, you will also have to add a Sports Plus package, which will cost an additional $11 per month.

4) Can you add an NFL package to YouTube TV?

Yes, you can add an NFL package to your YouTube TV.

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  • 23 September 2023