How Much Is NFL RedZone on YouTube TV?

I am facing some issue in to know how much is NFL RedZone on YouTube TV. What is RedZone and how to use on YouTube TV. Help me.


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How Much is RedZone on Youtube TV -

The current price of Youtube tv RedZone price is 10.99 dollars. This is apart from the subscription price. Nevertheless, this price is not only for NFLRed Zone but this includes other sports channels too. This is so because NFL RedZone is now a part of YouTube TV's new add-on.

YouTube TV is a streaming service when it comes to channel selection. YouTube Tv has been raising its prices recently, which makes it an expensive subscription option. It has routinely added channels, which further helps in maintaining the overall price. In the third quarter of 2020, NFL Network did not have any additional cost.

Together with the NFL Network, YouTube has introduced a new Sports Plus add-on. The add-ons give you access to 7 more channels, which include NFL Red Zone.

The add-on channels include.

  • FOX College Sports
  • TVG2/TVG
  • MAVTV Motorsports Network
  • NFL Red Zone
  • Stadium
  • FOX Soccer Plus

How to Add RedZone to YouTube TV?

You can only watch NFL RedZone as an add-on on YouTube. As a consumer, you need to subscribe to the main live-streaming service. The charges of this package are 64.99 dollars per month, which is why the total cost of Youtube tv RedZone price is 75.98 dollars per month.

Once your subscription to YouTube TV gets activated, the subscribers can include Sports plus add-on with NFL Red Zone in the package by going to the YouTube TV website.

Below are the instructions that you need to follow to Add Redzone to YouTube TV.

  • Open your internet browser and then go to the main website of YouTube TV.
  • Select the profile picture given at the top-right vertex.
  • Click on Settings and then click on membership.
  • Select the check mark given right next to Sports Plus.
  • Click on Agree.

Once you are done adding Sports Plus, the subscriber will be able to watch all the games he or she likes on NFL RedZone such as college football, rugby, soccer, motorsports racing, hockey, and basketball.

Also, the subscriber is going to see NFL RedZone cost 10.99 dollars added to his or her bill. Apart from access to on-demand content and live events, the subscribers can also record sports content using the popular Cloud DVR of YouTube TV.

However, when it comes to NFL Red Zone, the subscriber cannot watch the content of a particular league, team, or game. Rather, the subscribers will have to add NFL RedZone to the DVR library, which leads to recording a complete 8-hour program.

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In addition to the current cost of the base plan, NFL Redzone YouTube TV costs $10.99 per month. Alternatively, you can combine your membership to NFL Sunday Ticket with NFL RedZone.

YouTube TV is a great live TV streaming option, particularly for sports enthusiasts. One of the advantages of YouTube TV when it comes to the NFL is that access to NFL Network is free with the base package.

Subscribing to NFL Sunday Ticket plus NFL RedZone or Sports Plus will cost extra if you want to view every out-of-market Sunday game on NFL RedZone.

Sports Plus with NFL RedZone

NFL RedZone is not part of the basic package, but you may add it with the Sports Plus add-on to an existing YouTube TV Redzone live TV plan.

Access to the following sports channels may be had for an extra $10.99 per month with Sports Plus:

  • SportsGrid

  • Stadium

  • Tennis Channel

  • FanDuel TV

  • VSiN

  • Fight Network

  • Impact Wrestling

Since NFL RedZone is an add-on, users must first have a subscription to the service's basic live TV plan.

With the base plan costing $72.99 per month, the minimum monthly cost for both the base plan and Sports Plus (which includes NFL RedZone) is $83.98.

NFL Sunday Ticket on NFL RedZone

You can use NFL Sunday Ticket and NFL RedZone in addition to Sports Plus.

Sunday Ticket can now be streamed on YouTube and YouTube TV. This is also the least expensive way to subscribe to NFL RedZone for individuals already thinking about getting Sunday tickets through YouTube TV (or even YouTube).

Simply put, NFL Sunday Ticket costs $40 more per season than NFL RedZone. The annual cost of NFL RedZone and Sunday Ticket, when enrolled through YouTube TV and without taking advantage of any special offers, is $389. This is more than what the base plan costs.

NFL Sunday Ticket, which includes the NFL RedZone bundle, may also be paid for every month through YouTube TV.

YouTube TV to Get NFL RedZone

The redzone youtube tv website offers the simplest option to add the Sports Plus (with NFL RedZone) add-on or the Sunday Ticket + RedZone bundle to the base plan, assuming you have previously subscribed to the YouTube TV base plan.

  • Go to the YouTube TV webpage.

  • On the profile photo (upper right corner), click.

  • Choose Settings.

  • Choose a Membership

  • Select NFL Sunday Ticket + NFL or Sports Plus, then click Add. Zone Red

  • Tap "Agree."

Following the addition, the subscriber will get unrestricted access to all NFL RedZone out-of-market Sunday afternoon games. Sports Plus subscribers grant users access to the extra sports material with the package.

YouTube TV customers can record NFL RedZone games and watch live games. But YouTube claims you can record NFL RedZone material by adding a club, league, or game.

Rather, NFL RedZone must be added to Sports Plus, or Sunday Ticket customers' libraries and the entire eight-hour show must be recorded

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