How Netflix Is Cracking Down on Password Sharing?

Please let me know how Netflix is cracking down on password sharing. I have no idea about this. If anyone knows then help me.


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Netflix Is Cracking Down on Password Sharing:

Password Sharing is undoubtedly a means of retaining the existing customer base for Netflix as Netflix allows Password Sharing for people residing in the same home. But this leeway is turning out to be a major problem for Netflix as the Company has estimated that it is losing millions in incremental revenue owing to the growing Password Sharing cult amongst Netflix subscribers.

As per Netflix’s recent letter to its shareholders there happen to be over 100 million households who consistently share their respective Netflix Passwords ultimately eating into Netflix’s potential to earn incremental revenue.

So, this elaborate discussion brings to light several interactive measures adopted by Netflix that will definitely serve as a means of implementing the “Netflix is cracking down on Password Sharing” drive.    

Measures Adopted by Netflix to Crack Down on Password Sharing

While Password Sharing by Netflix subscribers within the same premises continues to be legal as per Netflix’s own business policy, it still has more ramifications in terms of not being able to earn incremental revenue, striving to survive with a substantial risk of losing existing customer base, etc.

So, in light of these complications and the challenging business environment, Netflix has rolled out a five-point scheme that aims to help Netflix curtail Password sharing. These five core elements of the Password Sharing crack-down enforced by Netflix are discussed here in brief.

1 - Add an Extra Member Drive

This encouraging "Add an Extra Member Drive" shows that Netflix is cracking down on Password Sharing effectively by implementing a pre-eminent way of cracking down on Password Sharing and yet retaining the capacity to garner more revenue.

In this very “Add an Extra Member” regime Netflix has fixed competitive rates for allowing their existing customers to add an extra member even if they do not reside in the same premises.

What happens to be noteworthy here in terms of Netflix's own business strategy is that Netflix has different subscription fees for adding an extra member in different countries and that each additional account will have its own profile and login credentials.

2 - Transfer Profile to a Newly Added Account Option

In this different kind of scheme, a secondary or additional account holder can add a different person as a new entrant by allowing them access to account credentials of the primary Netflix Account holder wherein the Viewing History, My List Content, and, Personalized Recommendations can be shared with Sub-Netflix Account holders.

3 - Set the Primary Location feature on Netflix

This very option adds muscle to the “Netflix is cracking down on Password Sharing drive” because by means of this specialized “Set Primary Location” mechanism Netflix keeps a check on how a primary Netflix account is utilized.

4 - Manage the "Account Access and Devices" Feature

There is nothing unusual about this “Manage Account Access and Devices” feature as with the help of this enabling feature Netflix provides a leeway to its Primary Account Users to regulate the accounts of the additional members in their very own way.

The gravity of this unique option can be felt from the fact that members can easily allow specific devices on which Netflix content can stream.

5 - Watch While you Travel Option

Definitely, when a person is out for travel, he or she may not be having the same devices on which they enjoy Netflix content back home. So, to provide them with an additional way of accessing their favorite movies, web series, and content, Netflix has made it possible by means of this “Watch while you travel” option to allow the same or a different family member to access their desired Netflix content on the go.

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  • 11 March 2024
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