How to Cancel Discovery Plus?

Please let me know how to cancel discovery plus. I am facing some issues while trying to cancel discovery plus. Help me.


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This article covers cancel discovery plus subscription from a third party, an Android or iOS device, or the website through a streaming service.

How to Cancel a Discovery Plus Online Subscription

You may cancel your membership to Discover Plus instantly if you signed up for it there. Launch the web browser, then sign into your account.

Step 1: To access the dropdown menu, choose the profile symbol in the top right corner.

Step 2: Choose account

Step 3: Tap cancel

Step 4: On the pop-up dialogue, click Cancel Subscription.

Step 5: After the current pay cycle, your subscription will come to an end.

Step 6: On Android, stop using Discovery Plus.

Step 7: If you signed up for Discovery Plus using an Android smartphone, you must go through the Google Play store. 

Step 8: Click the menu button on the Play Store application.

Step 9: Select Subscriptions from Payments & Subscriptions.

Search For and Choose Discovery Plus From the List

Then select Cancel subscription. (Note that Discovery+ rather than Medium will appear on the screen.)

Step 1: From the list, choose a justification, then touch Continue.

Step 2: To confirm your decision, tap Cancel Subscription.

Step 3: Through a streaming device or a third party, terminate Discovery Plus.

Step 4: You would have to cancel in the same manner if you had signed up for a service using a set-top box such as Apple TV, Roku, or a third party, including Verizon. If you can't find the option, try canceling your subscription online and then follow the manufacturer's and partner's guidelines. 


How do I Get Free Access to Discovery Plus?

Everyone who signs up for Discovery Plus is given a 7-day free trial. Your payment information is required, whereas you will only be charged if you cancel your trial subscription before it expires. Under some plans, some mobile providers, including Verizon, offer Discovery Plus for free.

Why doesn't Discovery Plus Work?

Test your internet connection, clean the app or browser cache, reset and update the Discovery+ app, and restart and update your device if Discovery Plus isn't functioning.

What Programs can I Watch on Discovery Plus?

Reality TV or documentaries are featured in every Discovery Plus program and film. They offer both original material and material from channels like TLC and HGN.

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  • 17 March 2024