How to Cancel Your Disney Plus Subscription?

Please let me know that how to cancel your Disney plus subscription. I am facing some issues while watching Disney plus. Help me.


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25 November 2023

Cancel Your Disney Plus Subscription:

Disney Plus service has gained a lot of popularity since the day of its release. The video streaming service got released last month. Millions of subscribers subscribed to the Disney Plus service and the number just keeps on growing.

You can watch popular Disney movies and shows here. Moreover, you can watch Star Wars, Pixar, and Marvel. The subscription charges are reasonable in comparison to other streaming services available online. 

But you may not want to use Disney Plus for some reason.  You can try a 7-day trial to watch your favorite movie or TV show. Here, you will learn how to cancel your Disney Plus subscription. The process to cancel your subscription is not as easy as you think. The process to cancel is actually dependent on how you signed in to the service.

Below mentioned are the different ways that you can follow to cancel your Disney Plus subscription. 

1) Use Your Internet Browser to Cancel Disney Plus

Step 1: To cancel your subscription, you must open your internet browser on your mobile phone or computer system.

Step 2: All you have to do is to launch the app and then go to My Profile.

Step 3: And then select Account and then finally click on Billing Details. This will ultimately launch your web browser.

Step 4: Go to the main website of Disney Plus and log into your account. After that, select the option of My Profile in the top-right section of your page and select the option of Account

Step 5: After that, move to the Account section and select the link of Billing Details. Under this section, you will see the subscription type that you have chosen. After that, you will see the next date of billing. Now, select the link to Cancel the Subscription.

Step 6: Now, the confirmation screen will open up before you and will ask you if you wish to cancel the subscription.

Step 7: There, you need to select the button Complete Cancellation.

2) Cancel on Your iPhone or Android Device

If you signed into Disney Plus using your Android or iOS smartphone, then you must cancel the subscription using the app store of your device.

How to Cancel Disney Plus on iPhone?

The process of canceling the Disney Plus subscription on an iOS smartphone is the same as canceling other subscriptions on iPhone. 

Step 1: Launch Settings and then select account name

Step 2: Select iTunes and App Store

Step 3: Click on your Apple ID and then select the option of View Apple ID

Step 4: Now, select the option of Subscriptions

Step 5: Choose the option of Disney Plus from the Subscription list appearing before you. 

Step 6: After that, select the option of Cancel Subscription and then confirm cancellation. 

How to Cancel Disney Plus on an Android Smartphone?

You can easily cancel your Disney Plus subscription on your Android Smartphone by going to the Play Store. 

Step 1: First of all, open the Google Play Store on your smartphone. 

Step 2: After that, select the button of Menu and then choose Subscriptions. 

Step 3: Now, a list of subscriptions will open up before you. There, you need to select "Disney Plus". 

Step 4: After that, select Cancel Subscription and confirm your cancellation.

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