How to Change the Primary Profile of a Netflix Account?

Somehow my sons account got designated as the primary profile on my Netflix account so communications are all directed to him, not me. Netflix support says that can not be changed. As a DB and application professional, I know this is not true. How do you get to level 2 or level 3 support at this company? The person I chatted with refused to escalate the issue.


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21 February 2024

Netflix is an international streaming platform where you can watch everything from shows to documentaries. Netflix is a one-stop destination to access content from all over the world. The diversity of this video-on-demand streaming service is what makes it special. You have to pay a price which is lower than watching a movie in the theater once.

Netflix is like a mini theater at home only with the extra advantages of multiple content choices and convenience.

It has around 260 million subscribers worldwide. This number is increasing day by day. Netflix gives you the freedom to create multiple accounts with their separate watch history.

What is Netflix?

In today’s time, it is quite unusual to ask this question. There might be only a few people who would not know about Netflix. Netflix is an online streaming platform that offers worldwide content in multiple languages. It has become a household name which indicates the extreme popularity of the platform.

It is one of the most preferred online streaming platforms. You can watch any show, movie, anime, and much more on Netflix from anywhere on your device.

Tips For a Netflix Manage Profiles

Friends, I also wanted to know how to change main profile on Netflix which I was able to accomplish by tweaking some profile-related settings. Since the process of changing main profile Netflix account is pretty easy I take this opportunity to share herewith a comprehensive guide that tells how to change the main profile on Netflix.

Step 1 - Just begin by opening your Netflix account using the Netflix application on any device like your Smartphone or laptop.

Step 2 - Now open the Netflix website by typing in and log in to your account using your email id and password followed by pressing the Enter button. You may also open the Netflix app on your phone.

Step 3 - The moment you log in to your Netflix app a new page is set to get opened wherein all the related profiles will be visible.

Step 4 - In a bid to move ahead click on the profile icon that you wish to change.

Step 5 - Now you will be redirected to the homepage of your profile. Now you must locate the profile icon being displayed on the top right corner of the Netflix panel.

Step 6 - Now click on the icon of your profile as a result of which you will witness the “Manage Profiles” icon.

Step 7 - So just continue by clicking on the “Manage Profiles” icon as a consequence of which you will again be taken to a page that will be showing all the profiles Netflix account. Remember that you will see the edit icon on the squared tiles of different profiles of your Netflix account followed by choosing the desired profile that you wish to edit and make changes to.

Step 8 - You will see all available features related to your profile like maturity ratings, Playback Settings, Subtitles, etc. Now you can make desired changes to your Netflix respective profile.

Step 9 - As every component of your Netflix profile is changed desirably, it must now be followed by saving the changes made to your profile.


Netflix gives you a lot of options to protect your privacy and account. If you ever feel like someone has logged into your account without your permission then you can log out of all the devices and change the password. You can easily manage your account and change the details.

FAQs for How to Change Main Profile on Netflix

1) How do I reset my Netflix main profile?

Log in to your Netflix profile and choose the main profile. You can change all the details of the profile the way you want to. Reset all the details like name, language, images, and others. Save the changes and move forward.

2) How to change my Netflix profile?

Open your Netflix account and choose the profile you want to change. Then edit or change the profile's details. Save the changes or you can also delete the channel if you want.

3) How to manage Netflix profiles?

If you have a Netflix subscription then you can easily manage multiple profiles on Netflix. Go to the "manage accounts" section and there will be different profiles that you created.

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