How to Change the Primary Profile of a Netflix Account?

Somehow my sons account got designated as the primary profile on my Netflix account so communications are all directed to him, not me. Netflix support says that can not be changed. As a DB and application professional, I know this is not true. How do you get to level 2 or level 3 support at this company? The person I chatted with refused to escalate the issue.


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Change Main Profile on Netflix Account:

Having a profile on Netflix is always desirable as it allows Netflix users to set their Netflix accounts according to their preferences. Also, the Netflix profile has various futuristic features like setting the maturity level to watching subtitles to enforcing watching restrictions which can make your video-watching experience on Netflix extremely amazing.

Friends, I also wanted to know how to change main profile on Netflix which I was able to accomplish by tweaking some profile-related settings. Since the process of changing main profile Netflix account is pretty easy I take this opportunity to share herewith a comprehensive guide that tells how to change the main profile on Netflix.

Step 1 - Just begin by opening your Netflix account using the Netflix application on any device like your Smartphone or laptop.

Step 2 - Now open the Netflix website by typing in and log in to your account using your email id and password followed by pressing the Enter button. You may also open the Netflix app on your phone.

Step 3 - The moment you log in to your Netflix app a new page is set to get opened wherein all the related profiles will be visible.

Step 4 - In a bid to move ahead click on the profile icon that you wish to change.

Step 5 - Now you will be redirected to the homepage of your profile. Now you must locate the profile icon being displayed on the top right corner of the Netflix panel.

Step 6 - Now click on the icon of your profile as a result of which you will witness the “Manage Profiles” icon.

Step 7 - So just continue by clicking on the “Manage Profiles” icon as a consequence of which you will again be taken to a page that will be showing all the profiles Netflix account. Remember that you will see the edit icon on the squared tiles of different profiles of your Netflix account followed by choosing the desired profile that you wish to edit and make changes to.

Step 8 - You will see all available features related to your profile like maturity ratings, Playback Settings, Subtitles, etc. Now you can make desired changes to your Netflix respective profile.

Step 9 - As every component of your Netflix profile is changed desirably, it must now be followed by saving the changes made to your profile.

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Consistently using your Netflix Account for seamlessly watching web series and videos may have definitely led to the creation of multiple profiles. Since all these supplementary profiles are basically linked to your Netflix primary profile you may subsequently want to change the primary profile of a Netflix Account.

This quick guide explains the entire process of changing the primary profile of a Netflix Account you can get this accomplished anytime.

Step 1 - Simply begin by opening your Netflix account. You can perform this operation on any device that happens to be largely compatible with the Netflix app.

Step 2 - As soon as you reach the website just log in to the Netflix application by entering your email and password.

Step 3 - Consequently, you will be redirected to the next page wherein you can see all the profiles that are linked to your Netflix account. The same will be visible with respective profile images and names.

Step 4 - Continue by clicking on the profile that you want to open to carry on with the process of changing the primary profile of a Netflix Account.

Step 5 - The next step to change the primary profile of a Netflix Account entails going to the homepage of the profile first wherein on the top right corner of the screen the menu or the profile icon will start getting displayed. 

Step 6 - Simply resume by clicking on this given icon which will result in the opening of the menu screen going forward. 

Step 7 - Now you will able to see all the profiles along with the “Manage Profiles” icon. 

Step 8 - At this moment just click on the “Manage Profiles” icon which will take you to the next page to allow you to explore the “Edit” icon. 

Step 9 - Now you must choose to select the profile pertaining to which you wish to make changes in a bid to change the primary profile of a Netflix Account.

Step 10 - Here in this step you are allowed to edit the “Maturity Settings”, “Name”, “Image to be shown in profile” etc. 

Step 11 - Once done, you just need to save the changes and now you can enjoy streaming titles using this profile.   

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