How to Connect Max to Your TV With Google Chromecast?

Please let me know that How to Connect Max to Your TV With Google Chromecast. I am facing some issues in this whiling doing this. Help me.


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Connect Max to Your TV With Google Chromecast:

Casting your favorite Max videos, shows, and movies is possible via the Google Chromecast option which has really made the concept of video broadcasting easy and simple. This quick guide showcases the permissible ways by which you can easily connect Max to your TV with Google Chromecast.

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Here is How you can Cast Max to your TV Using Google Chromecast

By using the Google Chromecast Wireless Broadcast Technology you can easily cast Max films and shows to your TV. Just explore the process given below to connect Max to your TV with Google Chromecast.

Step 1 - In the very first step you must ensure that your PC and TV are connected to the same Wi-Fi.

Step 2 - Now on an updated internet browser launch the Max website and start playing your favorite TV episode.

Step 3 - Continue by tapping the video player option and subsequently maneuvering the mouse pointer to trigger player controls.

Step 4 - Here at this stage select the “Cast” icon shown in the upper-right corner of the screen. In case the “Cast” icon isn’t visible switch to another browser. Please note that the “Cast” icon resembles a squared box with radio waves inching ahead.     

Step 5 - Consequently, an array of names of devices will appear that support Chromecast. Select the preferred device and get your favorite Max video on TV.   

How to Stop Casting the Video with Chromecast? 

When you have been successful in connecting Max to your TV with Google Chromecast it becomes pertinent to see the two-step process to stop casting the video using Google Chromecast.

Step 1 - Begin by selecting the new “Cast” icon using your browser’s top menu. 

Step 2 - Choose the device or the connected TV with the “Stop Casting” option just given below to finally pause the Chromecast-based casting. 

Watching Max on TV Using Your Smartphone is also Possible

If your smartphone supports wireless casting technology then you can connect Max to your TV with Google Chromecast by following the process given underneath.

Step 1 - First make sure that your smartphone and smart TV are paired on the same Wi-Fi network.

Step 2 - Now start playing your favorite Max movie on your smartphone.

Step 3 - Continue by tapping anywhere on the screen to cause media controls to appear.

Step 4 - Here you have to tap the “Cast” or “AirPlay” icon given in the top-right corner.

Step 5 - As soon as the compatible devices appear choose the one you wish to use for casting.

Step 6 - Just keep a check that after a few seconds, the process of data syncing should begin which will eventually facilitate the playing of your favorite video.

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