How to Download and Activating Hulu plus on your Nintendo Wii

Is there anyone who knows about how to download and activating hulu plus on your nintendo wii? I am facing these while watching Youtube. Help me.


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Download and Activating Hulu Plus on your Nintendo Wii:

Online movie and television show streaming is available through Hulu Plus, a premium subscription service. You can watch content using your smart TVs, PS3TM, Xbox, even Nintendo WiiTM if you have a Hulu Plus subscription.

You can use the instructions in this article to Download and activate Hulu plus on your Nintendo Wii.

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How to Download Hulu Plus on Wii

Step 1. Here on the Wii Menu, click the Wii Shop Channel icon. If you are opening the Wii Shop Channel for the first time, you would be requested to read and accept the User Agreement.

Step 2. After choosing Wii Channels, pick Hulu Plus.

Step3. Pick Free to install it to your Wii, and Gift to give it to someone.

Step 4. Pick a location for the download. These are your two choices:

  • To save your downloaded file directly to an SD or SDHC Card, choose SD Card.
  • To store it in the Wii's system memory, choose Wii Console.

Step 5. Select Yes after clicking OK.

Step 6. Select OK when you see the Install Successful screen.

The Wii Shop Channel menu will appear once more. Your Wii Menu must now display the Hulu Plus icon.

How to Turn On

Step 1. Select the Hulu Plus icon from the Wii menu, then press Start.

Step 2. If you select Yes when asked whether you're a Hulu Plus subscriber, further information, including the activation code, would be displayed on how to link the console to your account.

Step 3. Choose for Hulu Plus Login.

Step 4. Insert your username and password for your Hulu Plus account. Then choose Log in.

Step 5. You will be taken to the Most Popular section after a little delay.

You just turned on Hulu Plus for Wii. With the help of your Nintendo WiiTM you can now enjoy viewing your preferred film or television programme on a large screen.

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  • 26 December 2023