How to Download Netflix Movies on a Windows PC?

Is there anyone who knows about how to download Netflix movies on a Windows PC. I am facing some issues while doing this. Help me.


James 1   Ans 2 weeks ago
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Download Netflix Movies on a Windows PC:

Watching videos on Netflix is an amazing experience that may often prompt you to download it for watching in offline mode. I also had to download my favorite Netflix video for which I went through the sequential steps for carrying out the download.

Here is a Complete Guide that Takes you Through the Entire Procedure to Download Netflix Movies on a Windows PC.

Step 1 - As the very first step, you must install the Netflix App on your PC or laptop. When you have installed the Netflix app you will see a greeting message with a link to download your favorite Netflix video.

Step 2 - Now click on the Menu button displayed in the top left corner and represented by three straight parallel lines.

Step 3 - To download Netflix movies on a Windows PC, navigate through the options being reflected to find the Available for Download option.

Step 4 - Once you click the Available for Download option, you will get to see icons of different videos and TV shows on a comprehensive playlist that can be downloaded. Please note that you can download your favorite Netflix videos or movies by searching it on the search bar only if it is allowed to be downloaded.

Step 5 - Click on the Download icon.

Step 6 - After the download gets completed, click on the menu icon again and choose My Downloads.

Step 7 - All your downloaded videos or movies will be shown in the My Downloads section. You can now click on any of them to start the playback. Please do remember you can access all the downloaded videos showcased under the My Downloads section in offline mode as well.

Step 8 – If you really want to remove the video or the Netflix movie already downloaded, go to the Content Listing option and click on the Downloaded icon. Now locate the Delete Download option and click on it.


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