How to Download YouTube Videos to Your iPhone Camera Roll?

YouTube gives viewers the option of downloading a video directly from the app. However, several creators have made their videos unavailable for download. Don't worry if you come across a video like this; there are still ways to save youtube videos to iPhone camera roll. Because of numerous restrictions, some of which are valid, downloading a video file using the regular iOS browser is difficult.

However, saving a video to your camera roll gives you offline access to the ad-free material. You may also transmit films directly to friends and family, and the video is preserved in the camera roll, allowing users to edit it. To save YouTube video to camera roll, follow the steps below.

How to Save YouTube Videos to iPhone Camera Roll

However, any iPhone apps that allow you to download YouTube videos from the App Store directly do not stay long. You should avoid utilizing any of them because Apple will likely remove them soon. It's still rather simple to download Youtube video to iPhone camera roll. Only a minor browser workaround is required.

Step 1: To begin, download and install the free Readdle Documents app. It's a file manager with a built-in web browser, making it ideal for downloading YouTube videos and putting them in the Camera Roll folder.

Step 2: Then, go to the YouTube video you wish to save. With the official YouTube app, you can do this by opening the video, tapping Share, and selecting the Copy link.

Step 3: After copying the link, go to the Readdle Documents app. The first time you use it, you'll probably have to go through a quick introduction, but you can skip the option to upgrade to the app's premium edition.

Step 4: To open the app's built-in browser, hit the Safari icon in the bottom-right corner while you're inside Documents.

Step 5: Go to a service like YT1s that allows you to download YouTube videos. These sites come and go, so check Google for anything similar if this one stops operating.

To Save the YouTube Video to Your iPhone

Step 1: Click inside the Search or paste YouTube link here field on the download site, then pick Paste to enter the link to your YouTube video. To begin, press the Convert button.

Step 2: The site will produce download links for your video in a few moments. To see the various selections and their sizes, go to the MP4 video dropdown menu.

Step 3: When you're done, tap Get a link, and when it's available, tap Download. This will open the Documents window, where you can set your saving choices.

Step 4: Change the Name to something more descriptive or shorter if necessary. Unless you want to transfer My Files/Downloads to a different location, the default save location is acceptable. If you want to automatically save subsequent downloads to the same folder, uncheck the Ask me every time slider.

Step 5: To download the YouTube video to your iPhone, tap Done. Go to the Documents app's bottom toolbar and tap the Downloads button to see how far it's progressed

To Move YouTube Video to Your Camera Roll

Step 1: To close the web browser and return to the file manager, tap the Folder icon in the bottom-left corner of the app. After that, go to the Downloads folder, which should be under the main My Files heading.

Step 2: Choose Move after pressing the Ellipsis icon below the downloaded file. On the Move to page, you notice a Photos folder under My Files. To see it, tap Photos. Because of the privacy features in recent iOS versions, you'll be prompted to provide Documents access to your photos. To make it work, tap Allow Access to All Photos.

Step 3: When you're finished, click the Move button in the top-right corner to finish the process.


You've just finished downloading a YouTube video to your Camera Roll. To see it, use the Photos app on your phone. Your new video will appear in the Recent folder under the Albums tab, as well as the Videos option under the Media Types section at the bottom. It'll also be the most recent addition to Library > All Photos.

The video will appear in your iPhone's camera roll if you follow these steps correctly. Keep in mind that you are not financially supporting the creator in this way because there will be no advertisements on the downloaded video. Also, get the creator's permission before putting it somewhere else, as many creators have copyright on their videos.

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