How to Extract Audio From YouTube Video?

Please let me know that how to extract audio from YouTube video. I am not able to do that. If anyone knows then help me.


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Extract Audio From YouTube Video:

YouTube platform is filled with millions of videos watching which the users get to know the latest on any topic or issue, but you would get amazed further to know that you can extract audio from YouTube videos quite easily.

Since watching a video on YouTube may also prompt you to extract audio from it for listening to it later, here is how to extract audio from a YouTube Video something that you will find pretty interesting and equally useful.

Method 1 - Extracting the Audio from a YouTube Video Online

You can extract the audio from the YouTube video without having any need to download the video by using an online converter. However just ensure that while you are extracting the audio online you have active Antivirus Software in place, so just adhere to the following steps for extracting the audio online.

Step 1 - Type and press the Enter key on your internet browser.

Step 2 - Now go to YouTube to MP3 Converter.

Step 3 - Then paste the YouTube video URL into the textbox alongside which you will find the Go button.

Step 4 - Now choose the MP3 format in which you wish to download the audio of your YouTube video.

Step 5 - Click the Download button to finally get your copy of the audio file downloaded pertaining to the YouTube video.

Extracting the Audio Using a Video Converter

Using a third-party video to the audio converting application can also get the audio downloaded. For convenience, we suggest using VideoProc as the preferred audio downloading application.

Step 1 - Download the executable file of VideoProc and install it subsequently.

Step 2 - Open the VideoProc application.

Step 3 - Now launch the internet browser on another tab, play your favorite YouTube video and copy the link of your preferred YouTube video as well.

Step 4 - Now on the VideoProc application go on to click the Downloader icon.

Step 5 - Find Add Video tab on the different tabs panel shown on top.

Step 6 - Now click the Paste and Analyze option to allow VideoProc to analyze the YouTube Video.

Step 7 - Select the format and quality in which you are willing to get the audio file downloaded. Also, choose the video that you wish to extract audio from.

Step 8 - Now click the Download Selected Videos button.

Step 9 - If you wish to stop the Download button, you can press the Arrow button. Also, if the audio file gets downloaded, it will be indicated by a check sign.

Step 10 - Get back to the Menu screen and click on the Video icon to see the downloaded audio file.

Step 11 - Now to finally receive back the audio file you must also go to select the Video file and click Target Format followed by Music. Decide the format in which you want the audio file. Then click on Done. Consequently, the audio you wish to receive will be available.  

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  • 25 December 2023