How to Fix Disney Plus Error Code 39?

Please let me know how to fix Disney plus error code 39. I am facing some issues while watching movies on Disney. Help me.


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Fix Disney Plus Error Code 39:

Disney Plus Error Code 39 is a rights management code typically denoting when your streaming setup fails to deliver the secure connection the streaming provider requires. A secure HDMI handshake could be prevented by a problem with the Disney Plus app, your streamed device, your HDMI cable, and even your television. If you can resolve your issue in this area, error code 39 will no longer appear.

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What Leads to Error Code 39 on Disney Plus?

The rights management problem which prevents Disney's servers from streaming the requested video is often what the Disney Plus Error Code 39 denotes. There have been circumstances in which you have no control whatsoever, and there is very little you could do if Disney cannot stream the content to people in the location or at all.

This error code can typically be resolved by using a different streaming device, using a various television, moving to a new HDMI port, or attempting another HDMI connection when a fault brings on the issue on their end, which it frequently is.

How to Repair Problem Code 39 in Disney Plus

Step 1: Disney Plus will function normally once you complete the following procedures until the error code disappears.

Step 2: Reload the video if necessary. Occasionally, this error number could show up as a singular fluke of nature. Just refreshing as well as reloading the page will start the video. Go back to the troubleshooting procedures then carry on if it halts if issue code 39 arises.

Step 3: Close the Xbox streaming app on your computer. If you've been streaming from the Xbox One to your PC to use the Windows 10 Xbox app, shut the programme and then stop.

Step 4: Change your streaming device. Disney Plus streaming via the Xbox One gaming console is the most frequent source of this issue; however, it's also happened while streaming directly from a smart TV and on certain other devices. Nevertheless, give another streaming device a shot and see if it performs.

Step 5: Modify the HDMI port to anything else. Changing the HDMI port on the television to a new one while using the streaming device caused the Disney Plus Error Code 39.

Step 6: Change your HDMI cable. Try using a different HDMI cable if you've got one on hand to see if that solves the issue. Try to use a high-quality, undamaged line that enables HDMI 2.1 and isn't overly long.

Step 7: Make absolutely sure the cable is an HDMI to HDMI. This issue can arise if you use an HDMI converter cable, such as an HDMI to VGA cable.

Step 8: After shutting off your television, try power cycling it. The tv should be unplugged; then you should plug it back in after some time.

Step 9: Reinstall the Disney+ app after deleting it. After uninstalling the software, restart your streaming device. Unplug it, turn it off, and then plug it back in and turn it back on. Check to verify if the program functions after reinstalling it.

Step 10: Swap out your television. If you possess a second television, see if you can use it to see if the problem number also appears.

Step 11: Every installed video capture device should be unplugged and removed. Unplug your video capture gadget and take it out of the equation when you're using it to stream games and record videos.

Restore the Xbox One to factory settings if this occurs, making carefully choosing "Reset and keep my games & applications" to avoid data loss. After the reset process is finished, it could be required to uninstall and reinstall the Disney Plus app.

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  • 06 March 2024