How to Fix Error 10-100 on Sling TV?

Is there anyone who knows about how to fix error 10-100 on Sling TV. I am facing some issues while trying to watch movies on Sling. Help me.


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Fix Error 10-100 on Sling TV:

The Error 10-100 is faced by the user when he/she tries to sign in to the Sling TV app & it arises if an issue arises with the login details or with the credibility of those details. But, sometimes, an irregular internet connection will also prevent the users from having success in logging in properly.

Now, the question that arises is what leads to the so-called "Error 10-100" on Sling TV. Below are some of the reasons-

Glitched App: In some scenarios, the trouble might be there due to the Sling TV app being in a glitched state. One reason could be that the app might be saving several login credentials as compared to earlier scenarios or it may have been glitched due to the installation of the updates by the operating system.

TV Fault: It is also possible that there may be an accumulation of corrupt cache or the TV might not have effectively arranged the channels due to which this problem might be encountered. Sometimes, an event as simple as altering the channel can lead to getting rid of this bug & you may be able to access the application again.

Account Glitch: Error 10-100 on Sling TV also occurs in certain scenarios if the user can access the account but streaming may be hampered & this will lead to the error. This error occurs if your account is not properly logged in. If the user is not able to access it from his/her device, it may be glitched on the end of the server.

How to Fix the “Error 10-100” on Sling TV

1. Force Close App

In several cases, the error gets caused as the application gets glitched & which in turn is a failure to recognize the proper login credentials. This hampers it from being able to sign in & it displays the error message.

Thus, in this step, we will be simply closing the app & then will relaunch it. Since this method varies from device to device, we will inculcate the procedure for some in-demand devices. Online help is also available for having the exact method for the device that you are utilizing.

2. For Android TV:

Step 1: Launch the setting by navigating through the TV home screen.

Step 2: Choose the “Apps” option & select the “Sling TV App” button.

Step 3: Click on the “Force Stop” button for shutting down the application.

Step 4: Launch the application again & check if the problem still pertains.

3. For Android Mobile:

Step 1: Select the “Recent Apps” button on the mobile.

Step 2: Navigate through the list of recently opened apps until you locate the “Sling TV App”.

Step 3: Swipe the “Apps window” up or down for closing it depending on the device.

Step 4: Select the "Home" button for returning to the main screen.

Step 5: Launch the app again & then try to sign in.

Step 6: Check to see if the issue pertains.

So, above were the tips & tricks to fix errors 10-100 on Sling TV. Hope this article helps you in gaining a perspective on Error 10-100.

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