How to Fix Error 97: SMS Origination Denied on Android?

Please let me know that how to fix error 97: SMS origination denied on android. I am facing these type of error while using anroid phone. Help me.


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Fix Error 97: SMS Origination Denied on Android

Sending messages from your Android phone might not be possible and you may be seeing the Error 97 message. It may possibly be happening due to your phone’s corrupted cache files or that your Android Smartphone could not be able to store the data of the recipient.

Whatever may be the scenario?, there are a few possible solutions ranging from clearing the cache to enabling the storage from the Messages application to tackle this “Error 97: SMS origination denied on Android” problem.

I also encountered a similar situation wherein my android started reflecting the Error 97 message when I tried sending a message to my friend. To solve this, I tried a few troubleshooting methods after execution of which my problem got resolved.

So just take a look at the quick reference guide for getting the “Error 97: SMS origination denied on Android” problem resolved.

Solution1 - Power Cycle the Android Phone

Step 1 - To begin just long-press the power button of your Android phone to turn it off.

Step 2 - Now just wait for a few minutes after the phone has turned off.

Step 3 - Then again press the power button to switch it on. Try sending the message, if you are successful, then you will not see the Error 97 message again.

Solution 2 - Clearing Down the Cache Files

Step 1 - To initiate deleting the cache files, just tap on the Settings option of your Android phone.

Step 2 - Now go to the Applications option.  

Step 3 - Then navigate to select Apps followed by choosing the Messages option.

Step 4 - Now select Storage.

Step 5 - Tap on the Clear Cache button.

Step 6 - Now check whether the “Error 97: SMS origination denied on Android” is displayed or not. If no such message gets displayed, the problem stands resolved. Else, try the other following methods.

Solution 3 - Clearing the Data

Step 1 - Simply open the Settings option.

Step 2 - Then, navigate to find Applications.

Step 3 - Just tap on Applications.

Step 4 - Now select Messages.

Step 5 - Just tap to open Storage.

Step 6 - Tap on Clear Data Option.

Solution 4 - Compulsorily Stopping the Android Messages App  


Step 1 - Go to the Settings followed by opening the Applications menu.

Step 2 - Select Apps.

Step 3 - Then tap Messages.

Step 4 - Tap the Force Stop button.

Step 5 - Now again try sending the message, if no error message is displayed then the problem is resolved. Else, try the following solution.

Solution 5 - Enabling Storage from the Messages App. 

Step 1 - Go to open the Settings menu.

Step 2 - Now go to Applications and tap on the Apps option.

Step 3 - Now open Permissions after going to Messages.

Step 4 - Navigate to find Storage and then switch it to Enable.

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  • 22 December 2023