How To Fix HBO Error Code 905 On Your Device?

Are you bothered by HBO Max error code 905? Are you annoyed by the video lagging problem and you are not sure how to fix this problem, then worry not as here we are available with various solutions that can help you get rid of this problem.

HBO Max is a prominent video streaming app that has on-demand content and a huge library of TV shows, movies, and Max originals. This service is geo-restricted and is only available in the United States of America.

Nevertheless, there are a lot of people who are bothered by the error code 905 on HBO Max. Before we move on to the solutions, let's first get to know what leads to this issue. 

Why does HBO MAX Error Code 905 Message Appear? 

Below, we have mentioned some common reasons that lead to the 905 error on the HBO Max app. 

  • HBO Max is facing a service outage in your area. 
  • You are using an outdated version of your HBO Max app. 
  • The app has been corrupted by a bug. 
  • You are using this app outside the United States of America or using a VPN. 
  • Unstable internet connection

How to Fix the HBO Max Error?

Below are the different solutions that you can apply to fix the HBO Max error code 905 chromecast.

1) Check the Server Status of HBO Max

There is a chance that you are encountering problems because the HBO streaming service is down in your area. You can use a third-party website like Downdetector and see if other users have reported a server problem.

If there is actually a server issue, then the only thing that you can do is to wait. Once the engineers fix the problem, then only you will be able to use the service. 

2) Update the HBO Max App

Using an outdated HBO Max app can also lead to this error code. In order to resolve this problem, you need to check for the latest updates and then install them. In order to update the HBO Max app,

Below are the steps that you need to follow. 

  • Launch the Settings menu on your device. 
  • After that, go to the Apps section. 
  • Then, navigate to the section of "Updates". 
  • Go down and select the HBO Max app. 
  • Now, select the button of "Update". 

3) Check the Location and Disable VPN

If you are trying to stream videos on HBO Max from a country other than the United States of America, then you will see the 905 error code. You have to wait for a while till HBO extends its services to other nations.

If you are trying to use HBO Max using the VPN service, then the app may think of you as a threat and leads to the 905 error. HBO may even suspend your account because of the continuous use of a proxy or VPN.

Before you go ahead and use the HBO Max app, it is important for you to disable the proxy and then open the app to fix the problem. 

4) Restart Your Router

You may also face the 905 error code on your screen because of bad internet speed. Usually, restarting a router can fix all these problems. For this, disconnect the router or modem from the power source and then wait for at least 30-40 seconds.

After that, connect your router back to the electrical outlet. Then, wait for the lights on your modem to change to green. So, the above-mentioned are the different solutions that you need to apply to fix the HBO Max error code 905.

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