How to Fix HBO Max Can not Verify Subscription?

Please let me know how to fix HBO Max can not verify subscription. I am facing these issues while watching movies on HBO. Help me.


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Fix HBO Max Can't Verify Subscription:

What can be more fascinating than enjoying premium digital content in the form of shows, movies, or web series on the HBO Max platform, but this attempt to access HBO Max and watch the desired content on such a platform may get interrupted when HBO Max can’t verify subscription thereby leaving you in the lurch and hence constraining you to access the HBO Max shows that you desperately desire to watch.

In due course of fixing the HBO Max can’t verify subscription issue I came across various reasons for the existence of the HBO Max can’t verify subscription issue that ranged from accessing the HBO Max using an inferior grade VPN coupled with subscription issue with the third-party service provider.

So, finally, I would like to share a detailed walkthrough that aims to fix the HBO Max can’t verify subscription issue which will definitely come in handy for you as well.

Possible Reasons and Fixes for the HBO Max can’t Verify Subscription Issue

1 - An Inferior-grade VPN might be the Real Culprit Behind HBO Max can’t Verify Subscription Issue

Many of the service providers like Hulu or HBO Max may enforce blacklisting of several low-quality VPNs simply by blocking the IP address associated with the VPN due to a range of security and privacy-related considerations which may quite reasonably be causing the HBO Max can’t verify subscription issue to fix which you just have to turn or toggle down your VPN connection disabled or getting it replaced with a VPN that is compatible with your HBO Max subscription like the Nord VPN or the Express VPN.

2 - Your HBO Max Account might have not been Paired Well with the Offering of Your Service Provider   

Quite often your HBO Max account may not be getting linked with the services of your Service Provider automatically which eventually calls for manually linking your HBO Max account with the Service Provider which you can easily get done by adhering to the schematic process elaborately discussed hereunder:

Step 1 - Just initiate by opening the opening a new HBO Max account directly followed by canceling the payment window when it prompts you for the same.

Step 2 - Thereafter, choose to watch a video after you execute the cancellation of the subscription.

Step 3 - As soon as you watch a given video you will be prompted to subscribe to HBO Max followed by clicking the web-based link that contemplates your earlier subscription.

Step 4 - Consequently, you are bound to be redirected to a page wherein you can link your existing HBO Max account with the Service Provider which will lead to fixing the HBO Max can't verify subscription issue.

Mapping Your HBO Max Account via the Service Provider’s Portal or Website

Alternatively, you can also map your HBO Max account by requesting or asking for the access ID or troubleshooting in a manner as described in the case of having AT&T as your Internet Service Provider or in case of using an Xfinity TV box.

1 - Requesting the Access ID from AT&T Service Provider

Just set up your HBO Max account on the AT&T portal by following the process enunciated herewith:

Step 1 - You just have to head to the AT&T accounts page and thereafter must navigate and find the Activate my HBO Max account button.

Step 2 - Now just select the Activate my HBO Max account button followed by signing in to the HBO Max account.

In case of signing for the very first time into your AT&T account follow the course mentioned below:

Step 1 - Just prefer going to the HBO Max app or the website and choose to select signing in.

Step 2 - Now choose to click on “Sign in with the provider”.  

Step 3 - Then select AT&T followed by entering the AT&T user ID followed by clicking on Sign-In.

2 - Activating Your HBO Max Account with Xfinity TV Box

There may be a scenario wherein due to activation and enforcement of the parental control your Xfinity TV Box might be blocking the HBO Max account which can be fixed by adhering to the steps mentioned below:

Step 1 - Just begin by signing in to your Xfinity TV Box account.

Step 2 - Now within the Network Sites and apps section just click on Managing Settings after going on to click on the Parental controls.

Step 3 - If you find your HBO Max blocked, simply unblock it followed by clicking on the Save button.

Step 4 - Subsequently when you find the error message just choose to select the Get TV code option.

Step 5 - Now open an internet browser followed by opening the website that reads as and let the enter code page open. Thereafter, just punch in the six-digit code on your TV screen.

Friends, this also happened to me as well because I also witnessed the HBO Max can’t verify subscription issue in my own case when I wanted to watch my favorite shows on HBO Max digital platform which I was really able to resolve by disabling my VPN connection.

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