How to Fix Instagram Story Highlights Not Loading?

Is there anyone who knows how to fix Instagram story highlights not loading. I am facing some issues with this. Help me.


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Fix Instagram Story Highlights Not Loading:

Do you have an annoying problem with Instagram story highlights not loading? We comprehend how frustrating it might be to be absent from the lives of the people you follow.

Do not be concerned; we have developed a thorough guide to Instagram Story Highlights Not Loading this issue.

Explained: Why Instagram Story Highlights Won't Load

There may be some causes for the issue with the Instagram story highlight not loading. Let's first examine the causes before moving on to the solutions:

  • Disabled Save to Archive option
  • VPN interference
  • Slow Internet connection
  • Outdated Instagram application
  • Incorrect method for creating highlights

Fixes For Instagram Story Highlights That Won't Load

Let's move on to the solutions now that we are aware of the various causes of the Instagram story highlights not loading:

Restart Your Phone

The simplest fix, restarting your phone, usually takes care of minor glitch-related problems. So, before trying anything else, consider rebooting your phone if you have loading problems.

Enable the Archive of Your Work

Check that Instagram's settings have "Save to Archive" turned on. Your tales are saved from being used in highlights in the future. To enable this, adhere to these easy steps:

Step 1: Go to your profile page after opening the Instagram app.

Step 2: Choose Settings by clicking on the three bars in the top right corner.

Step 3: Select History, then Privacy, and turn on the Save to Archive checkbox.

Step 4: Confirm the Proper Technique for Creating Highlights

Step 5: If you encounter a problem while making a highlight, confirm that you're taking the right actions. For this, you may use our tutorial on how to make Instagram highlights.

Examine Your Internet Connection

Instagram story highlights may not load properly if your internet connection is unreliable. Restart your modem and check your internet connectivity. Whether that doesn't work, try a different network to see whether that solves the problem.

Turn on Airplane Mode

Before turning it off, activate the Airplane Mode for a minute. Your network connections can be reset, solving any network-related problems.

Instagram App Update

One of the potential causes of the Instagram story highlights needing to load is an out-of-date Instagram app. Install any App Store or Play Store updates after checking for them.

Remove the Instagram Application

Try deleting the Instagram app from your phone if none of the other options work. Only the app will be deleted from your phone; your account will remain intact.

Sign Off

Then sign back into your Instagram account. This basic procedure can occasionally assist in addressing the problem.


Will my Content and Photos be Deleted If I Remove the Cache?

If you erase the cache and data, your articles and photographs will be retained.

Can I Use a Different Device to View Instagram Highlights While I Fix the Problem on my Phone?

Yes, you can check Instagram highlights on a different device while attempting to fix the problem on your phone.

Does Deleting my Instagram Account Fix the Loading Problem?

No, removing the Instagram app from your phone generally takes care of the problem.

Can Loading Instagram Stories be Impacted by a Poor Internet Connection?

Yes, Instagram highlights and stories sometimes malfunction due to sluggish or unpredictable internet connections.

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  • 21 March 2024
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