How to Fix It When a Chromecast Sound Is Not Working?

Please let me know that how to fix it when a Chromecast's sound is not working. I am facing some issues while watching movies on Chromecast. Help me.


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Fix Chromecast Sound Is Not Working Issues:

If you are experiencing intermittent audio cutting issues on your soundbar, then below we have mentioned different steps that can help you get the sound work again. As there can be various reasons that may lead to this problem.

We are going to provide you with different solutions that can help you fix this problem. Before we move on to the solutions, let us get to know how to fix why is there no sound when I use Chromecast".

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Causes of No Sound When You Use Chromecast

When you troubleshoot a Chromecast no sound, then you may find it difficult as there are various causes of this problem.

Below, we have mentioned different reasons for the chromecast audio setup.

  • The port or cable is bad
  • The device is muted
  • Chromecast is failing
  • Software is outdated

How should I Fix the Chromecast Sound, not Working Problem?

Before you purchase a Chromecast or any alternate streaming device, then go through the simple steps to check if one of them will make the sound work again.

So, let's discuss these solutions one by one.

Step 1: Raise the volume on your device on which you are experiencing intermittent audio cutting issues. In case you are casting a movie from your phone to TV, then ensure that the volume of your phone is turned up.

Even if the TV volume is high. there is a chance that Chromecast's volume on your phone is down. To check this, you need to open the app, you are trying to cast from and then use volume buttons to increase the volume.

Step 2: Change the input on your TV. With this, you will be able to confirm that your TV's volume its working on its own. It will be pointless to perform other steps if the audio issue lies in one of your devices. Use the input button on your remote or whatever the name of that function is on your remote.

Step 3: Complete the second step one more time but now your device is dong the casing. In case you are casting from Chrome on your PC, disconnect your Chromecast totally. Now, restart Chrome and try to play audio with a cast function.

Now, it is confirmed that the volume is increased on the receiving device and casting device and the TV can also provide you the audio. Also, you need to make sure that the device doing the casting has the audio working.

Step 4: Now, that you know that the sound is working on both the sending as well as the receiving devices, relaunch your app, which is doing the casting. The sound issue is a temporary bug and you can easily fix it with a simple restart. Force close your device and then restart it. Now, cast it once again.

Step 5: Restart all the devices i.e., your computer and phone that initiated the cast, the TV, and the Chromecast.

Step 6: After that, open your Home app, select a device and then go to a three-dot menu. After that, select Reboot. Google has mentioned instructions on how to restart Chromecast from the Home app. However, in this process, you need to disconnect it for a minute.

Step 7: if none of the above-mentioned solutions work, then try updating your Chromecast. In the last step, you must have seen the automatic update check after the restart. In case you don't see the automatic update option, then update Chromecast manually. Outdated firmware can also cause a sound problem.

Step 8: Check for updates for a particular app that may be the cause of the sound problem. There is a chance that a bug is affecting the app, which is further affecting the sound output of Chromecast. In case the update is not available, then try to reinstall the app.

Step 9: In the case installing updates doesn't work, then reset your Chromecast. Reinstall the firmware of your Chromecast from scratch. If there is a software-related problem, then you can fix it by resetting your Chromecast.

Step 10: Connect your Chromecast to an HDMI port on your TV. There is a chance that some problem with the port is conflicting with your TV's or Chromecast's ability to communicate with the sound.

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