How to Fix It When Sling TV Is Not Working on Roku?

Please let me know that how to fix it when Sling TV is not working on Roku. I am facing some issues while watching movies. Help me.


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08 January 2024

Fix It When Sling TV Not Working on Roku:

Sling TV on Roku is a dedicated streaming service that lets you enjoy premium digital content but sometimes you may witness your Sling TV not working on Roku. This kind of technical problem was something that I also observed on my Roku recently.

Friends, I got this Sling TV that is not working on the Roku problem was resolved by trying out a few steps. In this context, I observed that this problem may be existing due to several reasons ranging from a bad internet connection to a malfunctioning app. So just take a look at this quick guide that helps you fix Sling TV is not working on the Roku problem.

Giving a System Start to Your Roku

As Roku doesn’t have an on/off switch try restarting it using the remote by adhering to the following steps that may help you fix the problem of Sling TV not working on Roku.

Step 1 - Go to the Home Screen.

Step 2 - Now go to System.

Step 3 - Navigate down and find the System Restart option.

Step 4 - Choose Restart.

Step 5 - Simply wait for a few minutes as your Roku attempt to turn On.

Step 6 - Now verify whether the problem of Sling TV  not working on Roku has been resolved.

Checking the Remote

Another reason why your Sling TV might not be working on your Roku is the fact there could be a faulty remote.

  1. There could be a scenario wherein different physical objects like a wall or table may be preventing the infrared signal to transmit from the remote to the TV. So, see and remove any such obstacle to facilitate the connection.
  2. Alternatively, removing the batteries and replacing them with newer ones might also be a valid solution as dead batteries might be preventing the transmission of the signal.

Rebooting the Modem

Poor internet connection might also cause your Sling TV not to work on Roku for which rebooting the router might help you fix the issue. To get this done just follow the simple process enshrined here.

Step 1 - Unplug all the cables attached to the router.

Step 2 - Wait for a few minutes and plug the cables into the router back again.

Reinstalling the Roku App

Temporary app-related issues might also be the bane of your Sling TV not working on the Roku issue. For fixing this, you need to uninstall the Roku app and try reinstalling it again by adhering to the following procedure.

Step 1 - Go to Home on your Roku remote control.

Step 2 - Open the channel Store by choosing the Streaming Channels.

Step 3 - Navigate the channels you intend to delete and then choose OK.

Step 4 - Choose Remove Channel and confirm the selection subsequently.

Resetting Your Roku

Resetting your Roku to factory defaults is another way by which you can solve sling tv Roku problems of your Sling TV not working on Roku.

Step 1 - Trace the Reset button on your Roku stick or console.

Step 2 - Long press the button for 25 seconds.

Step 3 - As and when the factory reset is completed, your Roku device will start blinking rapidly. At that moment release the release button.

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08 January 2024

Fix It When Sling TV Is Not Working on Roku:

There is rarely just one problem that needs to be fixed for Sling TV not working on Roku. Instead, there are many different reasons why it might not work, ranging from your internet connection to the Roku device itself to the Sling app. Fortunately, you can attempt to swiftly resolve any issues with Sling TV on Roku by using some practical troubleshooting techniques.

Visit the Known Issues Page for Sling

Consult Sling's Known Issues page as a first step before making any changes to address Sling issues. There are sections on every platform that Sling supports that list any open issues along with troubleshooting steps.

For instance, as of this writing, the Sling app is listed as having trouble loading on Roku. To fix this, Sling recommends restarting the app, signing in and out of the app, updating the app and device, and reinstalling the app.

Sling also mentions that you can chat live with a technician on their support page to get additional help if their suggestions don't work, which is another helpful resource in case nothing else resolves your issue.

How to Fix Roku Sling TV Not Working

These are a tried-and-true method for fixing Sling TV on Roku problems, regardless of your device and situation.

As usual, restarting your device is the first step in troubleshooting.

The next thing you should do after trying a restart is make sure the issue is with the Sling app or Roku and not the remote. When there aren't any problems with Roku applications, a partially functional remote can give the impression that there are.

Some connectivity issues cause most Roku Sling malfunctions. Therefore, an excellent second step would be rebooting your modem and router to see if that resolves the problem.

However, a simple reboot is only sometimes the solution to connectivity problems. Check if there is anything wrong with your internet behind the scenes by following the troubleshooting tips for internet connectivity.

Make a Roku update. Launching and operating apps can occasionally be problematic if your Roku is young enough. You can manually update the Roku if it needs to be done automatically.

Reset your Roku by following step 1. Resetting your Roku to factory settings and then reinstalling the Sling TV app is a method that can frequently resolve some problems if all else fails.


In What Way should I Report an Issue with the Sling TV App?

Go to Sling's Known Issues list, locate your issue, and choose Report This Issue to report a known problem. Open the Sling app, choose Settings > Support, and then select Debug Logging to report a new issue you're experiencing. You will have the ability to report your experiences.

How can my Sling TV be Reset?

The hardware device that you are using Sling TV on needs to be reset. For instance, you would restart the Roku, as previously mentioned, if you were using Sling TV with a Roku device. Visit Sling TV's help page on restarting your device if you're using it with an Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, iOS, Android, Windows 10, or any other device.

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