How to Fix It When Sound Is not Working on Instagram

Watching videos on Instagram is really fascinating but at times you may observe that sound isn’t working on Instagram. This may happen due to a variety of reasons ranging from muted audio settings to pending updates on your Instagram account all of which can be fixed by exploring and trying a few simple tricks discussed by virtue of this quick guide.

Checking Whether the Speakers are Muted

A crossed speaker is a scenario that is witnessed when a check-box against the “Mute” option is enabled with a tick ultimately leading to the sound isn’t working on Instagram issue. To deal with this you must remove the tick against the “Mute” option that will let the speakers emit a refined audio going forward.

Making sure that audio hardware is not inoperable

To ascertain whether the audio hardware is inoperable there are a few different ways depending on the device that you use. Here is a complete walkthrough that reveals different tricks while using different devices.

  • On your iPhone you can check “Volume Issues” or perform a “Sound Check”.
  • On your Android you can regular troubleshooting to review whether Android speakers are working.
  • Scrutinizing Windows Sound Issues can also help you figure out the possible reasons for the sound isn’t working on Instagram issue.  
  • When you are operating a Mac device a guide in the form of Mac Sound Problems can also help.

Shutting Down the Instagram App is also a Possible Way

A very simple way of fixing the Sound isn’t working on the Instagram issue is perhaps shutting down the Instagram app completely from the internet browser. This can be effectuated by closing all the tabs that lie open on an internet browser and again trying to reopen the Instagram account after waiting for some time.

Checking App-related Updates on your Instagram

An outdated Instagram app may also pave the way for the sound isn’t working on an Instagram issue which requires that you regularly update your Instagram app. This regular exercise will prevent any material technical flaw to obstruct the working of your Instagram account. Along with this, it will also enable you to facilitate the seamless functioning of the Instagram app on your computer or phone.

Removing Redundant Browser Extensions might also Help

When you are venturing out to fix the sound that isn’t working on the Instagram issue, another ideal way to fix the same is to remove or disable unused browser extensions which may be potentially blocking the content to play on Instagram seamlessly thereby causing audio problems.

Updating the Codec Pack to the Latest Version is Another Fix

The Audio Codec Pack is one very important program that is responsible for playing audio on your computer effectively. If this is not updated then you must either update it to the latest version or you must re-install the latest Audio Codec Pack which will eventually fix the sound isn’t working on the Instagram issue.

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How to Fix No Sound on Instagram Video?

Experiencing No Sound on Instagram Videos Follow these steps to resolve the issue. First, check your device's volume settings to ensure they're not in silent mode. Grant Instagram access to your microphone in your device settings. Restart the Instagram app or your device. Clear the app's cache or consider reinstalling it.

How do You Add Sound to an Instagram Post?

To add sound to an Instagram post, simply tap on the "Sound" icon when creating a post or selecting a video. Adjust the volume choose a suitable soundtrack or original audio from the Instagram music library, and then share your post with audio.

How do I Turn Off the Sound On an Instagram Post?

To mute the sound on an Instagram post, follow these steps: When viewing the post, tap the speaker icon, typically located in the bottom left corner of the video or reel. Tapping it will deactivate the sound, and a muted symbol will appear, indicating audio is off. To unmute, tap the speaker icon again.