How to Fix Netflix Audio Out of Sync?

I am facing some issues while watching Netflix. It's showing some errors like Netflix Audio Out of Sync. I don't know how to fix it. Help me.


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Fix Netflix Audio Out of Sync:

The rise in OTT platforms is the only boon in the pandemic situation. Among others is the one and only, Netflix- the most trusted and one of the oldest OTT platforms.

Netflix has witnessed a significant boom during the covid-19 pandemic, much more than any other OTT platform. People like to play the same on their television screens to relish the exclusive content with family over dinner.

However, isn’t it annoying when Netflix audio faces a lag as compared to the video that’s playing on-screen? Well, improvement is the only key here. What happens otherwise is an apprehensive scenario that further demands technical assistance.

Let’s Know Ways to Help Ourselves If Such is the Case. Scroll Through, Know More-

Step 1: Sometimes the video and the audio are out of sync upon using the fast forward or rewind button. If such is the case, then restarting the show from the very beginning might help. This will further re-sync the audio and the visual. If this doesn’t serve your case, then go on to read further.

Step 2: Is your Netflix audio out of sync as compared to the video? Then try resetting the device you are using to stream Netflix. This one’s an old method of making things fall back into order.

Unplug your device (restart in case of a pc), and then connect the same after 15-20 seconds. If this too doesn’t help your cause, then read even further.

Step 3: Play another title to see if there’s a specific problem with a particular part. If that too is out of sync, then you ought to contact customer service. It might also mean that you need to re-download your Netflix app.

However, if the second title is playing okay and the first title is still having issues, Netflix asks that you go to their Instant Watching Activity page and report a problem with the title that’s out of sync.

Step 4: In case your TV is connected to a stereo or surround sound system and you face audio/ visual out-of-sync issues, then try connecting the Netflix device directly to the TV to check if the issue is sorted.

Step 5: You can even try disconnecting and reconnecting your HDMI cables to further check if the problem is with your cables.

Well, there’s a solution to almost everything in the world, and so are there for your Netflix audio and visuals in case they go out of sync. Netflix has been a holy grail during the harsh pandemic, and for that, there’s no ounce of gratitude that’s enough. B

binge-watching is a privilege today, and indeed one of our favorite past-times. This particular OTT platform is a common presence in most homes due to the availability of a lot of astonishing content.

However, there’s always a way to solve technical glitches if and when they occur. Read through all the pointers to find the most suitable solution.

About Netflix:

There’s a plethora of content on Netflix ranging from Regional to International and just to name a few. Netflix has this stupendous feature wherein it lines up content for you, as per your preferences and the rating of the same among a similar audience. What’s astonishing is the availability of content- all the time!

Netflix has content for one, and for all, ranging from things to watch for your kids, for you and your parents. With so much to render for a not-so-pricey subscription, Netflix surely deserves a huge round of applause.


Hope to have helped you in some or another way. Netflix and chill ain’t just a phrase anymore, it’s an emotion today. Live every such emotion, and find your remedies at hand if things go south.


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