How to Fix Netflix Error Code NW-1-19?

Please let me know that how to fix Netflix error code NW-1-19. I am facing some issues while watching Netflix. It's showing me some type of error. Help me.


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Fix Netflix Code NW-1-19:

Today's generation doesn't know how to live without Netflix. It is the best entertainment streaming service.  One may come across technical faults while using Netflix. One such error is Netflix error code NW-1-19.  

This error code occurs when you have a loose internet connection. Here in this guide, you will learn how to resolve this issue, so you can enjoy uninterrupted entertainment.

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Why does Netflix Code NW-1-19 Occur? 

If you are coming across Netflix error code NW-1-19, then that means there is an internet connectivity problem. You cannot stream TV shows or movies on Netflix without an internet connection.

There is a chance that you are using a public connection and your service provider doesn't enable streaming. Please make sure sure that you are allowed to stream before you apply any troubleshooting solution. In case your network doesn't allow streaming, then switch to a network that allows streaming. 

Why does Netflix Say no Internet Connection?

There is a possibility that you are experiencing this error because of a network outage or issues with the internet provider. You may also encounter this error nw-1-19 because of hardware issues. No internet connection problem can also occur because of a software glitch. 

Troubleshooting Solutions to Fix Netflix Error Code NW-1-19

This issue usually occurs because you are not connected to the internet. Below are some solutions that you can apply to get reconnected to the internet and enjoy Netflix streaming. 

Solution 1: Check the Internet Connection

Check if your internet is working or not. You can easily do that by connecting another device to the internet. If this device gets connected to the internet, then that means your internet is working fine.

If your new device is also experiencing network connection issues, then that means a network outage is the culprit. In such a case you must use the mobile data to open the website of your internet service provider and check why you are not able to connect to the internet.

If your whole area is experiencing a network outage, then wait till the service gets restored. 

Solution 2: Try Disabling VPN

In case you are using a virtual private network, then it may interfere with your network. Turn off VPN and then try to launch Netflix once again. This will surely fix the Netflix error code NW-1-19. 

Solution 3: Reboot Your Streaming Device

There is a chance that a glitch in your streaming device is causing the problem. There is a high possibility that the streaming device is the cause of your problem if you are experiencing issues while restarting the device.  This happens in case of improper shutdown or abrupt power cut. 

To fix this problem, you need to restart the device. Some streaming devices have a Settings option. Go to that option and then select the option of "Restart the device". If you are using the Roku device, then you must use the remote to turn on the device.

After that, press the Home button on your device 5 times in a row. Now, you are required to press the Up arrow key, Fast Forward key, and Rewind key. This will restart your streaming device. 

In case your streaming device does not have this option, then go to the website of the manufacturer and read the instructions to restart the device. 

Solution 4: Restart Your Router

In case the above solution to restart the streaming device does not help you with the problem, then you should try restarting your router or modem. In order to do so, you need to disconnect your router device from the power source.

Wait for half a minute and then reconnect the device to the power sourceNow, launch Netflix on your streaming device and check if it's working or not. 

Solution 5: Connect Your Streaming Device to the Modem

If your streaming device has issues connecting to the wireless network, then you must connect it to the modem directly by using an ethernet wire. This will surely help you fix the Netflix error code NW-1-19 and will allow you to watch Netflix without any interruptions. 

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  • 22 October 2023
Answer - 1

Netflix is a fantastic streaming service as long as you can access the internet. You may receive the Netflix error code NW-1-19 if your connection is lost. This tutorial will help you through the steps necessary to resolve this issue and resume your pleasure.

What is the Meaning of Netflix Error Code NW-1-19?

If you're seeing the Netflix error number NW1-19, it typically signifies your internet connection has gone down. Netflix cannot stream the television show or movie you want to view if you have no internet connection.

Yet, your internet provider does not permit streaming, which is a regular issue if you use a public internet connection. Before doing any other troubleshooting procedures listed below, be sure you have permission to use your connection for streaming. If not, moving to a network that allows streaming should restore it.

Why is Netflix Indicating That There is No Internet Connection?

Your internet connection has been lost. If you're on a network where streaming is permitted, it might be due to a service outage with your internet provider or hardware difficulties. It might be as simple as a software bug preventing your Netflix app from connecting.

Whatever the cause, there are a few things you may attempt to reconnect your streaming device so you can access Netflix again.

How Do I Reset My Netflix Internet Connection?

You need a link to the internet if you obtain Netflix error number NW-1-19. Here are a few things that may help you reconnect so you may resume watching your Netflix selections.

Check your internet connection. The simplest method is to utilize another internet-connected gadget. If the gadget can interact with your network, your internet service works properly. If that device cannot connect to your service, you may use a mobile network to check your provider's website for outage information.

Switch off your VPN. If you use a virtual private network (VPN), it may be interfering with your internet connection. Disabling the VPN and then re-accessing Netflix may resolve your issue.

Start your streaming device again. Your streaming device may have a problem, especially if it has lost its internet connection and subsequently received an error upon resuming. It can happen if the power to the streaming device is suddenly turned off (like in a storm) or if it was shut down incorrectly.

If restarting your streaming device does not solve the problem, try rebooting your home network. Typically, this includes unplugging your home networking equipment, waiting 30-60 seconds, and then connecting everything back in.

Connect your streaming device to your modem directly. If your streaming device is having problems joining your internet network wirelessly, consider plugging it directly into the modem with an ethernet connection. This should enhance your connection and allow you to log back into Netflix without problems.

Restore the default internet settings. Your internet service provider determines your default internet settings. If you've changed any of those settings, you must reassess your modem settings to return them to your service provider's default settings. You can locate those settings within the help area of your service provider's website, or you may need to call them to figure out what settings you must be using.


What is Netflix Error Code 108?

Error number 108 often indicates a problem with connectivity between Netflix and an Apple TV or iOS device. Check for updates and reinstall the Netflix app on an Apple TV 4 or 4K. You can also reset the home network, increase your Wi-Fi signal strength, and connect the Apple TV directly to the modem. Check your internet connection and make sure you're on a network that enables streaming on your iPhone or iPad.

What exactly is Netflix Error Code 113?

If you're utilizing an Apple TV as your streaming device and are having issues with your login credentials, you may get the Netflix error number 113. Verify your account and password to resolve the Netflix error number 113. If this does not resolve the issue, try changing your password, shutting and reopening the Netflix app, removing and reinstalling Netflix, and restarting your Apple TV.

  • Nikhil Saini
  • 22 October 2023
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