How to Fix Netflix Error Code UI-800-2?

Is there anyone who knows about how to fix Netflix error code UI-800-2. I am facing some issues while watching Netflix videos. I have no idea how to fix it. Help me.


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Netflix as we know it is among the top online streaming platform. With amazing shows, movies, and series it’s loaded with stuff that can hook you to your device for hours at a stretch. New shows, movies, and series are added regularly on Netflix. If you’re someone who loves binge-watching or exploring new genres, Netflix is just like your best companion. The option of a Netflix party also enables you to enjoy watching with your friends or family living far away. The rates for Netflix are also very affordable considering the amazing services it provides. You can choose from various plans available according to your needs. 

Now, often an issue can arise while you’re trying to watch your favorite movie or show. You might encounter the Netflix Error Code UI-800-2. And it can be even more frustrating since Netflix does not provide much information regarding what this error means. 

The Netflix Error Code UI-800-2 means that your device needs to be refreshed. There can be a number of issues contributing to this error but it’s most likely the cached data. A simple refreshing can enable you to get rid of the error. Since Netflix stores data to allow you to load and access the app faster, this same data can become corrupt and cause a glitch. This glitch doesn’t let Netflix load properly. 

To fix the Netflix Error Code UI-800-2 you can try using the following methods.

1. Restart your Device:

You could be using Netflix on your PC, mobile, or tablet. The Netflix Error Code UI-800-2 can occur on any of the devices. To fix this error you can restart your device and start Netflix again to see if it's loading now. 

If you’re restarting a smart TV, make sure you plug it out from the socket and then put it back in. 

2. Restart your Network: 

A poor network can also hinder Netflix’s proper functioning and cause the Netflix Error Code UI-800-2. Try restarting your network and restart your TV or the device you’re using to see if it loads back again. 

3. Sign back in:

Another way of troubleshooting the Netflix Error Code UI-800-2 is by signing out of your Netflix account. Sign back in after a few minutes and check if it’s now loading or not. 

4. Deactivate:

Press the buttons in order that pop up the deactivation window. There you can select the sign-out option. Once Netflix is completely signed out you can try signing back in after restarting your device. 

5. Reinstall Netflix:

Uninstall the application and try re-installing the application. This is the ultimate step that you can try if none of the above options are working. The Netflix Error Code UI-800-2 might get fixed with this step. 

6. Factory Reset:

Factory reset works differently for different devices. The reset will remove all the applications installed on the device. You can use this reset option on a smart TV since on phone it might delete valuable data and applications. 

These methods should most probably solve the error that your Netflix account might be stuck at.

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