How To Fix No Sound On YouTube?

Please let me know that how to fix no sound on YouTube problem. If you know something about that then please help me.


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20 August 2022

Fix No Sound On YouTube:

YouTube is one of the largest audios and visual channels. It has myriad content; a plethora of soundtracks and the list goes on. Not to mention that YouTube is a livelihood for so many people around the world. YouTube is a platform that brings everyone closer, indeed a global hub.

However, sometimes your YouTube causes a problem, like no sound. If the video plays just fine, but there’s no sound on YouTube for you, then there’s either a problem with your system or your web browser. It's obvious that these issues need to be fixed ASAP. Scroll through to learn more.

Check If Your Volume Is Turned Off

Well, this is but obvious that the audio won’t play if the volume is turned off. You, therefore, need to check for audio in your systems. Check for proper sound emerging from your sources. If such is the case, other apps and platforms including YouTube won’t be able to play any sound.

Press that one button on your systems to make that sound audible to further fathom your YouTube video.

  • Look for the mute button on your system, which will further unmute your audio on your systems if such is the case.
  • If the mute button doesn’t work for any reason, then increase the volume of the audio on your systems. That might suffice for you.

Ensure If You Video Isn’t Muted

It often goes out of one’s mind that if you’ve muted your previous videos, then your current video might also play on mute. If such is the case, then you’ve got to unmute your video.

  • There’s this mute button on your YouTube video, which you must unmute for the sound to play.
  • If you like to use keyboard buttons, then the M key should be your go-to option. Press the key and unmute your video.

Try Using An Incognito Window To Fix Audio Issues On YouTube

There might be technical glitches in your audio and video on YouTube due to the system configuration. Seemingly, there might be issues with your browser in case there are too many cache files. This might further cause no sound on your YouTube video.

Modern Browsers would let you solve this issue by opening an incognito window. Truth be told, the incognito window doesn’t consider your browsing history or cache files while accessing any websites, even YouTube.

Use Another Web Browser On Your Computer

Incognito mode might not serve your case sometimes. If such is the case for you, then switch to another browser to see if the glitch still exists for you. This shows that your browser has some internal issues and is, therefore, preventing your YouTube sound to be audible enough.

If you choose to permanently switch to your new browser, then you shouldn’t have much trouble while transferring your data as there are several ways to export browser files and bring them into your system.

Try Amplifying Volume in Volume Mixer

Volume Mixer is a utility that can be easily launched from the system tray. It further enables you to moderate volume levels for every app on your computer.

It further lets you check the volume level for your current browser and enables you to know if they mute your current browser, making it impossible for you to hear anything.

Fix No Sound on YouTube By Updating the Audio Drivers

Check if your audio drivers are up to date in case your entire machine doesn’t enable any sound. For that, you need to update your audio drivers. Not to mention that these audio drivers are the ones that make your computer play sounds and updating them is better than letting them get obsolete.


Here’s to all the solutions for fixing your audio problem on YouTube. Hope to have served you the best!

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