How to Fix Not Getting Netflix in HD or 4K?

Is there anyone who knows how to fix not getting Netflix in HD or 4K. I am facing some issues while watching Netfliex. Help me.


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Fix Not Getting Netflix in HD or 4K:

If you wish to watch your favorite TV shows and movies on Netflix, then you must watch it in 4K as it is the superior video quality. You can see vivid colors, crisp visuals, and every little detail in 4K. In case you are watching Netflix and you feel that the quality is not good enough, then that means your Netflix is not streaming in 4K. 

There can be multiple reasons responsible for why Netflix is not streaming in 4K. There is a chance that there is some issue with the internet connection, the device you are using, and the Netflix plan. Even a simple Netflix setting can cause the problem. If you wish to know why Netflix is not streaming in 4K and how you can fix this problem, then you must read ahead.

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How to Fix Netflix not Streaming in 4K Problem?

1) Check Your Netflix Settings

Netflix does not stream in 4K by default. The default video streaming quality is Auto. This will give you a perfect blend of data usage and quality. Therefore, to ensure that you are streaming in 4K, you must change the setting to the highest possible option.

First of all, you must load the Netflix profile you wish to make the changes to. You can easily do this on desktop as well as mobile devices. Select your profile picture given at the upper-right corner and then choose "Playback Settings".

Select High to ensure that your data usage is the highest and that the quality will not be compromised with this data usage. This will apply to every movie and TV show you watch. If you are using a tight data plan, then you must return to the settings and turn them down when you are about to reach the monthly limit. 

2) Check the Device

Whether you are using a mobile device, laptop, or TV, there is a chance that your device is not compatible with 4K. In these cases, Netflix may still stream at 4K. However, your device won't display it. A lot of modern TVs offer 4K streaming.

However, there are many that are HD-ready and they don't stream in 4K. Streaming boxes come in different variants and a lot of times the highest configuration offers 4K streaming. Mobile phones don't have the option to stream in 4K. Luckily, a small screen does not need the resolution to offer a high-quality stream. 

It is important for you to check the model and type of device you are watching your content on. Search for the full name of your model on the internet and check if it supports 4K or not. In case it does, then check your internet connection. 

3) Test your Internet Connection 

In order to watch content on Netflix, you need a steady internet connection. You need a speed of 25 Mbps or higher to stream content on Netflix. This will allow you to watch 4K Ultra HD content.

If your internet plan goes above the speed, then that means the actual connection is not so fast. Therefore, you must check your internet connection before you get in touch with Netflix. You can perform a speed test in order to check the connection speed.

One of the best speed test websites is the Ookla speed test. Now, go to the website and run the speed test. Please ensure that you turn off Netflix before you run the speed test. Note the download speed after the end of the speed test.

If it is more than 25 Mbps, then that means your connection is not fast enough to handle 4K streaming. You can check at other times of the day as well as the internet speed is not the same throughout the day.

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  • 13 December 2023