How to Fix Sling TV Go Black Screen?

Please let me know that how to fix Sling TV go black screen issue while watching it. I have no idea about that help me.


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Fix Sling TV Black Screen -

Sling TV is the oldest online streaming platform. It is available throughout the US and has a huge subscriber base. The affordability and vast range of online streaming channels are why its users widely like it. Sling TV provides an enormous amount of entertainment while you choose to look over your regular cable TV.

It can be viewed in all smart television sets and comes with a dedicated tool for Apple TV, Roku, PlayStation, or can be accessed on the Sling TV app on mobile, tablets, etc. The best feature of sling TV is you can use it with no strings attached on any ongoing subscriptions.

You are free to discontinue whenever you like, and Sling TV makes sure that you pay nothing extra from your pocket apart from the subscription fees when you return.

The Solution for Sling Black Screen Error:

The Sling black screen is a pretty common issue that can be solved by following these steps:

Step 1: Select the MY TV icon on your menu bar. It is on top of your program screen.

Step 2: Enter the SETTINGS tab.

Step 3: Find the CONNECTIONS tab (6th option in the settings list).

Step 4: Now, set up the Connection Limit as HIGH. Go back to the show, which was being viewed.

Step 5: This method solves The Sling tv black screen issue. If this is not working out, repeat the above process, only this time, consider changing the Connection Limit as MEDIUM.

If the viewing is still the same with The Sling tv black screen issue, you can try out this alternative method:

Try changing the channel you were viewing. If the black shows on Sling issue resolves itself when the channel is switched, then there might be a glitch in the Sling server or the internet speed connection in most common cases. Return to the show you were watching, and you can find the same seamless experience of the smooth interface of Sling TV.

If all the above troubleshooting fails, Sling TV has a dedicated page to solve this issue. You can log in to their website and connect with the customer executive, who will then guide you through the troubleshooting program and restore your settings.

The Issue:

In some recent feedbacks, some users have filed an issue of Sling TV Goes Black Screen. In this article, we try to pitch in a possible explanation of why this Sling redzone black screen problem occurs.

We can explain the problem as the Sling tv no picture but sound while the user is trying to view content. It is not a channel-specific or a program-specific issue. Also, most users found that the channel resumes itself within a few seconds.

The major reason this problem occurs is the internet connection problem. Sling TV officially suggests a broadband connection with an uninterrupted downloading speed of 5 MBPS.

However, a browsing speed of 25 MBPS or above is considered the best speed of the internet for living to stream as it requires the transmission of an enormous amount of data from the server to your TV screen.


Sling TV helps you view your favorite channels online and allows you the flexibility to watch your favorite live shows by recording them. Sling TV gives you the feature to record up to ten hours of DVR on its cloud on the basic channel pack, which costs about 30 USD.

This pack comes with pre-loaded thirty-live channels. Now you can watch all this stuff without having to install that extra satellite umbrella on your rooftop. All you require is a good internet connection to get your entertainment pack sorted.

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