How to Fix Steam Deck Not Syncing to Cloud?

Is there anyone who knows about How to Fix Steam Deck Not Syncing to Cloud. I am facing these errors while using it.


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Fix Steam Deck Not Syncing to Cloud:

Your steam deck not syncing to the Cloud. This problem may be brought on by a software bug, a Steam server problem, an outdated Steam Deck, or even a corrupted Steam library folder, among other things. It would help if you did numerous troubleshooting actions to resolve this Steam cloud synchronization problem.

A portable device made by Valve is called Steam Deck. You may play PC games on the Steam Deck. All your bought titles are accessible by login into your Steam account, wherein your Steam Deck's collection will be shown. 

Fixing The Steam Deck's Cloud Syncing Issue

One problem you can encounter while utilizing the Steam Deck is that it doesn't support the Steam Cloud. If you are unable to cloud sync, this condition may be frustrating. Here's how to resolve the Steam Deck cloud synchronization issue.

Fix #1 Restart Steam Deck

If you restart Steam Deck, the system will be updated, resolving any transient bugs that could be the cause of the issue. Holding the power button for 10 seconds may compel your Steam Deck to restart if it is turned on but freezes.

Fix #2 Turn on the Steam Cloud Sync Feature

Test to see if you have enabled Steam Cloud synchronization next. Because the Steam cloud is turned off, an error message appears. If the feature is off, I will allow it.

Step 1: Using Steam Deck's Dynamic Cloud Sync

Step 2: Press the Steam Button in step one.

Step 3: From the Steam Menu, choose Settings.

Step 4: Choose the cloud.

Step 5: Enable Steam Cloud in step four.

Fix #3. Check The Status of the Steam Servers

Additionally, it would help if you looked at the Steam Server Status for repairs or outages. Be careful to wait for them to fix the issue if there is a problem with the server status. If there are any issues, the Steam Cloud feature won't work.

Update Steam Deck with Fix #4

The following action is updating your Steam Deck. You may be having problems using Steam Cloud because your Steam Deck's firmware needs to be updated. Try updating Steam OS to the most recent version and see if that resolves the Steam Cloud problem.

Update the Game Fix #5

If a game is confirmed, but the cloud synchronization on the Steam Deck is broken, you can update the game to the most recent version to see if it solves the problem. An old game can bring on the issue.

Repair Steam Library Folders with Fix #6

If you keep getting the steam cloud issue, the next thing to do is fix the Steam Library folder. A harmful Steam library folder may be the cause. To resolve the Steam Cloud issue, it is advised that you repair your Steam Library folder.

Steam Library Folder Fix

Step 1: Press the Steam Button in step one.

Step 2: Go to Settings in step two.

Step 3: Choose the Downloads tab in step 3.

Step 4: Choose the Steam Library folders button in step 4.

Step 5: Choose a game.

Step 6: Choose the Repair Folder in step six.

Step 7: Check to see whether Steam Cloud is going to upload saved files.

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  • 14 March 2024
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