How to Fix YouTube Disconnects My Internet?

We all watch YouTube videos either to entertain ourselves or to learn something new. A lot of people spend their leisure time watching movies, TV shows, and YouTube videos. However, a lot of people face the problem of internet connection keeps dropping while watching YouTube videos.

This can totally ruin your entertainment time. Below, we have stated some of the solutions that can help you fix this YouTube keeps disconnecting internet problem.

Before we jump on to the solution, let's first get to know what leads to internet disconnection issues. 

What Leads to YouTube Keeps Disconnecting Internet Issues:

Did you notice that the video keeps loading when you play it on YouTube? If, yes then that may be because of lost internet connectivity. There can be many possible reasons for this problem to occur.

There is a chance that there is some issue in your wireless connection. You may also face this problem if something is wrong with your router. Maybe your router is overheated or overworked which is leading to your YouTube keeps reconnecting problem.

Different Ways to Fix YouTube Keeps Disconnecting Internet Issues:

Below, we have listed various solutions that you can apply to fix YouTube crashes internet connection problem. So, let's discuss the solutions one by one. 

1) Restart Your Router

If your connection is getting interrupted on an irregular basis and you just became aware of it, then your problem can simply be fixed by restarting your router. You can easily accomplish this by pushing the power button or removing the power supply of your router.

After restarting your router, your YouTube will function properly. In case this problem is occurring on a regular basis, then a simple restart will resolve your issue.

2) Try to Change the Position of Your Router

It is important to position your router properly. You must keep it high up and away from all the other devices.  This will make sure that you have enough signal strength throughout your home.

Also, you need to make sure that you are keeping your router at a place where it is receiving proper airflow.

3) Try Changing the Band and Channel

As bandwidth is limited and a lot of people, as well as devices, are using it. This can lead to connection issues and may even cause your internet connection to drop. If you find that the channels are congested, then you must try to switch the channel to the one that has a better connection and less traffic.

In case you are near your router, then you must 5 GHz for a stable and fast Wi-Fi connection.

4) Check Drivers and Wireless Cards

In case you are using a Wi-Fi connection, your PC must be linked to the router through drivers and wireless cards. Drivers not working properly can also be the cause of your internet problems. Therefore, it is important for you to ensure that everything is working properly.

Check that your wireless network card is working. Also, you need to make sure that your drivers are updated. Plus, check if you need to reinstall your network drivers.

5) Replace Your Router

An outdated router can be a major cause of internet connection issues. A device that is over 5 years old can cause internet connection problems. Therefore, you must get them replaced.

Old routers can't keep up with the speed of the latest ISPs and hence can cause security patches. So, they are not a safe option.

6) Update Your Antivirus Software

Outdated software can cause more problems than you can imagine. So, if you witness any unusual activity on your devices such as the internet disconnecting while streaming a YouTube video, then you must update your antivirus software.

Also, it is recommended to run a malware scan on your system. to clear off any suspicious programs.

7) Use an Ethernet Cable

We all know that wireless connections are more sleek and convenient. However, a solid internet connection is also great. When people switch from wireless to wired, their YouTube and other video streaming issues get fixed.

The stronger the connection, the better the network performance. Also, it minimizes the chance of a video getting interrupted.

8) Disconnect Other Wi-Fi Devices

There is a chance that your computer-connected devices are causing network connection problems. Therefore, is recommended to disconnect some of the gadgets. This usually happens in the case of wireless headphones.

This connection can interfere with your network connection. Hence, making it difficult to play videos on YouTube.

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