How to Fix YouTube TV Spinning Circle Problem?

Please let me know that how to fix YouTube TV spinning circle problem. I am facing some issues in this. Help me.


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Fix YouTube TV Spinning Circle Problem:

The YouTube TV Spinning Circle issue can make you a little vexed in your attempt to play YouTube videos but fortunately, this is not as big a problem that can’t be fixed. This quick guide prescribes a few very handy solutions that you can implement to get this issue addressed.

A Feeble Internet Connection should First be Checked

On many occasions, a weak internet connection could be paving the way for the YouTube TV Spinning Circle issue which primarily requires troubleshooting your internet connection.

Here are a Few Very Common Ways to Check Your Internet Connection.

Step 1 - Turn on and off the “Airplane Mode” which can certainly help you refresh the network.

Step 2 - If you are accessing YouTube using the “Mobile Data” functionality, try switching to a stable Wi-Fi connection.

Step 3 - You can also enable the YouTube TV app Background Data Access feature after disabling the “Data Saver” Mode.

Step 4 - In case you have opted to use Wi-Fi connectivity then cause your router to restart while executing a complete Power Cycle.

Step 5 - Make sure that the router’s firmware is updated and you are in the vicinity of your Wi-Fi router.

Restarting the Device Along with Clearing up the Memory might also Help

 A low RAM on your device can seriously affect the performance of your Smartphone and can possibly cause the TV Spinning Circle issue on YouTube. So, just do a couple of following exercises to get this resolved.

1 - Switch off your Android using the “Power” button and restart the same to check whether the Spinning Circle problem is fixed.

2 - Another way out is to run cleanup to remove unwanted files and Cache that can seemingly take care of the “YouTube TV Spinning Snag”.

Making Sure that a Compatible Device is Utilized   

Since YouTube streaming takes place over the internet, its latest modules may not be compatible with any older device that you may be using. So, here you must go to the official website of YouTube TV to figure out the range of devices that happen to be compatible with YouTube TV and must subsequently ensure that your device is the one that is included in the list going forward.

Clearing the YouTube TV app Cache is Another Way Out 

Another fix for the YouTube TV Spinning Circle issue is clearing down the YouTube Cache. This exercise can be opted in a scenario when YouTube TV data becomes corrupt thereby causing YouTube to malfunction. Just follow the procedure in the prescribed sequence and do away with any existing TV Spinning Circle issue on YouTube.

Step 1 - Begin by opening the “Settings” panel followed by tapping the “Apps” section.

Step 2 - Now tap the “All Apps” option and select “YouTube TV”.

Step 3 - Go on to press the “Storage” button and then make sure that you have tapped the “Clear Cache” option.

You can also Resort to Updating the YouTube TV App

When you have already tried the above ways and nothing has worked so far then you can resort to executing an update on YouTube TV app which may serve as a viable option to fix the YouTube TV Spinning Circle issue.

Just open the YouTube app on your Android and tap the “Update” button under the “YouTube TV” section and this will let you update the YouTube TV app ultimately.

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  • 03 April 2024
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