How to Force Netflix to Delete Your Account After Cancelling?

Please let me know how to force Netflix to delete your account after canceling. I am facing some issues while deleting my account on Netflix. Help me.


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Force Netflix to Delete Your Account After Cancelling:

Did you ever cancel your Netflix account? If not, and you are planning to do it, then here you will learn two ways to break ties with Netflix. You can either cancel the subscription or delete your Netflix account.

This does not mean that your account will cease to exist. Here, you are going to learn everything about how to end your relationship with Netflix simply by deleting your account. 

What is the Difference Between Canceling and Deleting the Netflix Account?

These two things may sound the same but they are very different from each other. When you cancel your account, you won't be able to watch TV shows and movies on your platform. Moreover, your billing cycle will end.

The great thing is that Netflix will not charge you every month until you restart the subscription yourself. Nevertheless, your account will always be available on the Netflix servers and you will be able to log in. 

When you delete your Netflix account, your details get removed from the servers. Once you delete your account, you will not be able to log in. If you want to subscribe to Netflix in the future, then you are required to create a new account. 

You should not forget that Netflix will delete your account 6 months after you cancel the subscription. Keep in mind that the account deletion process is a bit complicated. 

How to Delete the Netflix Account after you Cancel the Subscription?

If you want to delete your Netflix account, then you need to first cancel the subscription that you have. There are multiple ways to cancel a Netflix subscription based on whether you subscribed with a third party or directly. 

When you are done performing these steps, then you need to delete your account. 

Step 1: Get in touch with the Netflix support team by sending an email to the Netflix team. You need to use the same email address which you used for your Netflix account. 

Step 2: Keep the subject, "Request for account deletion". 

You need to wait for a few days before you hear from the company. If you make a request to delete your account prior to the end of your present billing period, then Netflix will delete your account once the billing is over. If you want the company to delete the account immediately, you just need to mention that in your email. 

Does Netflix Kkeep Your Information after Account Deletion?

Netflix is going to delete your account but it will not purge the information related to you. They only retain the information that is required for lawful reasons such as accounting purposes and fraud prevention.

The limited information includes your payment details, device identifier, and email address. 

Delete Accounts that You don't Require Any More

In case you are not using a service any longer, then you must remove your account. Whether it is on the streaming service or social media, you must delete it. Irrespective of whether it takes more than a few clicks such as in case of Netflix, you must do it.

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  • 06 February 2024