How to Get Faster Streaming Speeds on Your TV?

Please let me know how to get faster streaming speeds on your tv. I am facing some issues while trying to faster it. If anyone knows then help me.


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Get Faster Streaming Speeds on Your TV:

Is your TV network speed slow? If yes, then a lot of reasons can be responsible for that. Let's take a look at the solutions below to fix this problem. 

1) Check Your Internet Connection

There is a chance that the speed is getting affected because other devices are connected to your internet. This slow speed can impact streaming or download performance. This thing is particularly true at the time of watching high-resolution ultra-HD content as it has high bandwidth requirements.

To check this, you need to test your TV's performance. You need to first check the internet speed on your device, which is directly connected to the router or through a wireless connection. 

Note down the speed and then run the test on your TV. A lot of smart TVs have an app store that has apps like speed test. You can also open your browser and go to or in the browser of your Smart TV. After that, you need to compare these two results. 

In case your TV's speed is way lower than the optimal speed test, then that means there is some issue with your TV's network connection. Read below to learn how to optimize the speed. If the two results are comparable, then there is some issue with the internet connection speed.

You can also get in touch with your internet service provider and ask for the terms of increasing your speed. You can also use an alternative service, which uses a different protocol. Moreover, you don't need a particular responsive connection. Therefore, you can use satellite internet for better speed. 

2) Select the Right Wireless Network Type

In case you are using a wireless connection to connect your smart TV to the internet, you need to ensure that you are using the fastest band available. Modern TVs have 5GHz bands and older ones are limited to 2.4 GHz. A lot of routers that have a faster band broadcast two networks.

One is faster and the other one is legacy for all the devices that support 2.4 GHz. Check the settings of your router to ensure that you are connecting your TV to a faster band. 

The 5 GHz band is faster and offers you a speed of 1300 MB/sec. It has poor penetration in comparison to older bands and the speed may get impacted because of the walls and other obstacles. You must keep your wireless router close to your TV and it is generally within the same room. Although the speed goes up to 1300 Mbps, a lot of routers can only achieve the speed of 250-300 Mbps. 

3) Optimize Your Wi-Fi Network

One of the best ways to improve the performance of your wireless network is to optimize the wireless network. You must do this periodically as factors beyond your control can create a huge impact.

For instance, if a neighbor sets up a new Wi-Fi network and uses the same channel as yours then it can lead to interference. If you want, you can scan wireless interference with a smartphone or a laptop and then make changes that will increase your internet speed. 

4) Use Wired Ethernet Instead

If you want a reliable connection, then nothing beats a wired connection. These cables make a direct link between your router and devices. This is great for local network speeds and makes sure that you get the best out of your internet connection.

If you have some problems with the wireless network, then wire your TV into your router instead. If you have a super fast internet connection i.e., 1000 Mbp, you may find that the real bottleneck is the network port of your TV. A lot of brand new TVs come with 100 Mb networking.

In case you are encountering issues with local streaming of content such as 4K and HDR videos served by a media server, then your issue can get resolved by adding gigabit networking. 

5) Use Gaming Consoles or Streaming Devices

If you don't wish to switch from a wireless to a wired connection, then use an external device for streaming. In case you are using an older TV version, then it can fix the problems caused by slow internal processors that aren't able to keep up with higher bitrate content. 

The Apple TV 4K has a network port of 1 GB per second. They offer a great local streaming performance and enable you to use fast internet speed. Other devices such as game consoles, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series consoles have quicker gigabit networking and various other apps for streaming such as Hulu and Netflix. This is how you can get faster streaming speeds on your TV.

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  • 05 February 2024