How to Get Local Weather Channels on DirecTV?

Please let me know that how to get local eather Channels on DirecTV? I am facing some issues while watching it. If you know then help me.


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Get Local Weather Channels on DirecTV:

DirecTV is actually a national service where everyone receives a signal from the central location. You can transfer a sheer amount of data using the satellite, which means you can get a localized video. You just have t find out how to navigate to the channels to locate it. 

How to Get Local Stations?

DirecTV sends a signal to various local stations across the country. However, broadcasting laws blocks reception for those who serve your area. If you wish to check the local stations in your area, then you must use a tool called DirecTV local channels lookup tool.

Here, you can enter the Zip code and get the list of available stations and numbers. You can see the numbers in single or double digits. Generally, you will see the channels that are available for everyone through over-the-air broadcasting. This also includes localized weather channels. Channels may change with time for licensing reasons. 

Local Information on National Channels 

DirecTV generally has two weather channels. The weather channel is number 362 and WeatherNation is on channel 361. You can use interactive features on both channels. This will allow you to get local forecasts at any particular point in time.

Based on the type of receiver, you can access it using the Active button on your remote device. When you choose WeatherNation for the first time, you are required to enter the zip code for setting up the feature. If you wish to get instant access, then you must enter 5 Zips immediately.

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  • 19 November 2023
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