How to Get Netflix Cheaper?

Netflix is an online streaming platform where you can stream movies, TV shows, documentaries, anime, live-action films, Netflix original content, and other types of content. It has unlimited entertainment options that a user can access by buying one of the subscription plans offered by this service. You can watch Netflix content on different supported devices such as smartphones, computers, smart TVs, tabs, streaming media players, game consoles, etc.

In order to watch content on this online streaming service, your device must be connected to the internet. Some popular shows on Netflix are House of Cards, One Piece, Friends, Stranger Things, Black Mirror, etc. Netflix indeed has changed the world of entertainment for people but is not an economical entertainment platform for users in some countries.

Therefore, they always look for means that can help them access cheaper Netflix to meet their entertainment needs. Below, we have listed some ways that can help you get Netflix cheaper.

Top VPN List to Get Cheaper Netflix

Whenever you use a virtual private network, your IP address and digital location changes which allows you to access cheaper plans of Netflix. It also unlocks blocking ads, encrypting data and restricted content. There are some VPNs that enable you to access cheap Netflix.

Some popular VPNs that you can use to get cheap Netflix are ExpressVPN, Surfshark, IP Vanish, CyberGhost, Private VPN, Hideme VPN, Hotspot Shield, NordVPN, and StrongVPN.

How Does VPN Aid You in Getting a Cheap Netflix Subscription?

Netflix subscription prices vary from country to country. In Switzerland, the basic Netflix plan has a subscription price of $21.48 whereas in the United States, the cost of a monthly plan is $15.49. Users living in Argentina only have to pay monthly subscription charges of $2.85 to access Netflix content.

The use of VPN changes your IP address to the IP address of a location that has the cheapest Netflix subscription plans. So, when you create an account using a new IP address, you see c.heap Netflix prices on the Netflix website. Nevertheless, a VPN for Netflix needs to have abundant server locations.

How Much are Netflix Plans in Different Countries?

Countries With Exorbitant Monthly Subscription Plans of Netflix

The cost of Netflix monthly plan in every country is different. The most expensive Netflix monthly plan is in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Denmark has the second most expensive Netflix monthly plan in the world i.e. $16.99. Then comes Ireland with a monthly subscription price of $15.90. The United States follows the sequence and has a monthly subscription plan of $15.49. The list is followed by Belgium, France and Monaco with a monthly subscription plan of $14.31.

Netflix price plans vary from country to country based on the size of content library it offers. Presently, Slovakia has the most diverse and extensive Netflix content library in the world with a total of 8400 titles. Based on this data, Netflix can turn out to be an expensive entertainment deal for a person who lives in Europe.

Countries With Cheap Monthly Subscription Plans of Netflix

Pakistan, Turkey and Egypt are the 3 countries with the lowest Netflix subscription charges. The standard plan only costs $3 to $5. Pakistan has a monthly subscription plan of $3.06. Then comes Egypt with a monthly subscription plan of $3.92. Turkey comes third in this ranking with a monthly subscription price of $5.19. Columbia, Kenya and Bolivia follow this list with monthly charges of $5.41, $5.55, and $5.99 respectively. At last, comes India and Morocco with monthly subscription charges of $6.02 and $ 6.26.


So, this was all about how to get Netflix cheaper. With the use of a good VPN, you can access netflix content by paying less subscription charges. There is a chance that there is more content in the Netflix content library of the country to which your IP address has been switched. So, by using a VPN, you get dual benefits. Now, Netflix isn't just available at a cheaper price but also you can access the content library of a different country.

FAQs for How to Get Netflix Cheaper

Q1. How can I get Netflix for low prices?

To get Netflix at low prices, you need to use a VPN. Sme popular VPNs are CyberGhost, Private VPN, Hideme VPN, Hotspot Shield, NordVPN, and StrongVPN.

Q2. Can you get Netflix discounted?

No, Netflix does not offer discounts on its current subscription plans.

Q3. Is Netflix offering 3 months free?

Various content streaming services offer a trial period ranging from a week to a month but Netflix does not have such policy.

Q4. How can I get free Netflix subscription in US?

To get free Netflix subscription in US, you can use your family member or friend's subscription.

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