How to Host an HBO Max Watch Party?

HBO Max lacks a feature like Amazon Prime's Watch Party, which allows you to arrange virtual viewing parties with friends and family. To use this functionality with HBO Max, you'll have to connect to a third-party plugin. This tutorial will teach you how to do a watch party on HBO max.

About HBO Max Watch Party

You'll need a browser plugin to view the same HBO Max movie or TV show online with friends and family. The video is synced so that everyone can view it simultaneously, and you may respond to the events on-screen in real-time by typing into a chat field or speaking into your computer's microphone and webcam (if this option is available).

The two finest extensions to use (both of which are free) are:

Telepathy: This extension allows you to remotely sync movies and TV shows playing on HBO Max, Netflix, Disney Plus, and Hulu with up to 50 people. Teleparty is entirely free to use; all you need is a computer and HBO Max. The extension is now only available on desktop versions of Google Chrome, Opera, and Microsoft Edge. Therefore it cannot be used on mobile or tablet devices.

Scener: It's a feature-rich watch party software that lets you use voice chat and watch with millions of other people. Scener collaborates with Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, Amazon Prime, YouTube, Funimation, Vimeo, Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, Shudder, and HBO Max. You must establish an account to use the extension, which is only available on Google Chrome.

How to Host an HBO Watch Party

It's easy to set up a virtual screening once you've installed the Watch Party extension on your browser. Your friends' computers will need to have the same extension installed.

  • In your browser, go to the HBO Max website.
  • Just log in to your account.
  • Start playing the movie or TV show that you wish to watch.
  • In your toolbar, select the Teleparty extension.

If the watch party icon does not appear on your toolbar, you must pin it first. Make sure the Pin icon next to Teleparty or Scener is highlighted in blue in Extensions.

  • Start the party by clicking the Start the Party button.
  • A URL will appear in a new window. To invite your friends to the party, copy the link and send it to them.
  • After everyone has connected, press Play to begin watching your favorite HBO movie or TV show. Push the Disconnect button after you're finished.

What Am I Going to Need for the Watch Party HBO Max?

To host or attend an HBOmax watch party, you must first purchase an HBO Max subscription. All you'll need after that is a laptop or desktop computer and a Watch Party extension such as Telepathy or Scener.

No matter which extension you use, you'll only be able to watch HBO Max on a laptop or desktop computer; no mobile devices, including the iPad, are allowed. Telepathy has a capacity of 50 guests and only allows text conversation, but Scener has 10 guests and permits text, audio, and video chat.

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