How to Livestream on YouTube with OBS?

I am facing some issues while Livestream on YouTube with OBS. I have no idea about that if you know something then help me.


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How to Livestream on YouTube with OBS?

There's a lot to love about making content on YouTube, whether it's a fun tutorial for people to try at home, streaming your favourite sports, or even sharing your best jokes with a live audience.

How to Get your YouTube stream key

Step 1: If you haven't already, create a YouTube account.

Step 2: You won't be able to Livestream on YouTube with OBS until you verify your account with a phone number. Go to the account verification tab, log in, and follow the on-screen instructions.

Step 3: Go to the YouTube Studio dashboard once you've been verified. Then, in the top right corner, press the red camera Create icon. Then, as seen above, press Go Live in the tiny drop-down menu.

Step 4: From the left side of the screen, select the Stream tab. A form appears, allowing you to name the stream and customize its privacy mode, definition, and category. To proceed, set an age limit (if applicable) and then click Create Stream.

Step 5: A control panel will appear after your stream has been created, with a preview window and tabs for stream settings, analytics, and stream health.

By default, the Stream Settings tab is open. To find the stream key for OBS, look directly just below the label. To submit the 16-character string to the clipboard, press Copy. You may also use the Reveal eyeball button to reveal the string for 10 seconds before manually entering it into OBS.

Keep this number hidden at all times. You don't want it in the hands of someone else because they could use it to stream on your account without your permission.

Link OBS to YouTube

Step 1: OBS can be downloaded from the official website and installed just like every other program. Run it as an administrator and go to the Settings panel using the bottom right corner's appropriate button.

Step 2: Choose your frame rates, resolution, and bit rate on the Video and Output tabs, which monitor the audio quality. Visit Google's YouTube help page to learn more about the right settings.

Step 3: Select YouTube/YouTube Gaming from the Service drop-down menu under the Stream tab on the left-hand menu.

Step 4: Type or paste your YouTube stream key into the Stream Key area. This connects OBS to YouTube, allowing the app to stream directly to your channel.

Step 5: On the left-hand menu, choose Audio. In your Livestream, each computer on that page represents a possible audio source. Set one of the Desktop Audio settings to your system's audio quality if you want viewers to hear in-game or desktop Audio. Pick your microphone from the drop-down next to Mix/Auxiliary Audio if you want your viewers to listen to you.

Step 6: Click Apply > OK to exit the settings screen.

Step 7: Tap the Plus icon at the bottom of the main window, under the Sources heading. If you want to stream game footage, go to the pop-up menu and choose Game Capture.

When it comes to capturing your video, you have a few choices. Any full-screen application, a separate window, or a foreground window may be captured. You can also force scaling, grab third-party overlays, and do a variety of other things. To end, click, OK.

Now Start streaming

There's only one thing left to do now that you've completed all of the above steps and configured your YouTube channel to approve your stream: start streaming! Click the Start Streaming button in the bottom right corner to get started right away.

It's now time to begin streaming. Go to your YouTube Dashboard and press the Go Live button in the top left corner to get started. The broadcast will appear in the preview pane once the OBS has created a connection to YouTube. Remember that there is a 20-second pause between your live stream and the public page where your viewers can watch it.

It's time to finish your broadcast after wishing your viewers farewell. After you've finished streaming, press "Stop Streaming" in OBS to end the broadcast.


You can always set up a Livestream to directly communicate with your viewers in real-time, and the Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) tool is typically the easiest way to do so.

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