How to Loop a YouTube Video on a Computer or in the Mobile App?

Please let me know how to loop a YouTube video on a computer or in the mobile app. I am facing some issues while trying to do this. Help me.


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Loop a YouTube Video on a Computer or in the Mobile App:

A lot of new content gets uploaded on YouTube on a daily basis. Everyday users get something new and different to watch, If you don't wish to watch any new video, then you must set it to loop again and again.

Looping a video can turn out to be extremely useful if you wish to learn a new skill from the tutorial or play music continuously at an event. If you wish to learn how to set up this feature on your computer as well as a smartphone, then read ahead. 

How can I Loop a YouTube Video on a Desktop?

Below are the steps that you need to follow to loop a YouTube video on your desktop.

Step 1: Open the YouTube website on your computer system and then select the video that you want to loop. 

Step 2: Go to the video and then right-click on it. After that, you need to select loop from the pop-up. 

How to Loop a YouTube Video on the Mobile App?

Recently, YouTube introduced a feature for the mobile app. This works for Android, iPad, and iPhone. 

Step 1: Open the YouTube app on your device and then go to the video that you wish to loop.

Step 2: Tap on your screen for revealing the three-dot icon gien at the upper-right corner. Now, select the three-dot menu to launch the video menu. 

Step 3: Now, a pop-up will appear before you. From there, you must click on Loop video. The Loop option does not show up in the pop-up if the ad before your video is still playing. You need to wait for the ad to end in order to make it loop. 

If you wish to disable the loop feature, then you are not required to repeat the whole procedure. If you want, you can loop playlists by going to the video in the playlist that you wish to loop and then set your video to loop.

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  • 14 February 2024