How to Loop YouTube Videos in Google Chrome?

Is there anyone who knows how to loop YouTube videos in Google Chrome. I have no idea about that. If anyone knows then help me.


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Loop YouTube Videos in Google Chrome:

Imagine playing your favorite music video or any song repeatedly, and, you would think Can I do this on YouTube? Yes, looping any video, music video, or song can be done on YouTube to enjoy the same continuously. Friends, I recently wanted to play one very unique music video continuously which I could easily manage to do by facilitating the “loop YouTube videos in Google Chrome” action.

In due course of performing this “loop YouTube videos in Google Chrome” function, I came across the fact that this can be performed in a variety of ways. Hence, I take this opportunity to share herewith all possible ways of performing a “loop YouTube videos in Google Chrome” by means of this quick user guide which share for your kind perusal.

By Installing the Looper Extension on Google Chrome

Installing a looper extension in your Google Chrome browser is one of the best ways of executing the “loop YouTube videos in Google Chrome” extension after which you can continue watching your favorite videos as many times as you set while adjusting the looping conditions in the Google Chrome to materialize.

So, just follow these easy steps to get the looper extension activated.

Step 1 - Just initiate by visiting the “Looper for YouTube” extension page followed by clicking on the “Add to Chrome>Add Extension” option.

Step 2 - Now just open the video on YouTube that you prefer looping followed by navigating the Options menu or tray that is visible just below the video that is being played. Therein just find the “Loop” option with a squared icon in place as well.

Step 3 - The moment you click on the “Loop” option you would see a number of options including the number of times you wish to loop a given video. Just set the required looping parameters to continue watching the video repeatedly on the back of looping so done.

Facilitating the Auto Replay Option for YouTube Extension

Another stable approach to activate the “Auto Replay” option is to add the Auto Replay button just beside the Loop option in the below-displayed menu.

Step 1 - Just again visit the “Looper for YouTube” extension page and click on the “Add to Chrome>Add Extension” option to begin the process of replaying the video on the YouTube panel.

Step 2 - Consequently, you will see a “Replay” option just beside the “Loop” option being reflected below the video-playing console.

Step 3- Just prefer clicking on the “Replay” option and waiting for it to turn red. The moment it turns red, your “Replay” option will get activated facilitating your preferred video to play repeatedly.

Adding the “Listen on Repeat” Option to Facilitate Auto Play of Your Favorite Videos on YouTube

“Listen On Repeat” is one of several looping options that you can switch to actually loop your favorite YouTube video as many times as you like. By means of this facility, you can also let some specific parts of your YouTube video loop.

Step 1 - Just begin by going on to the “Listen On Repeat” extension page followed by clicking the “Add to Chrome>Add Extension” option.

Step 2 - After the activation of the “Listen on Repeat” option just play the video that you wish to facilitate its repetition followed by clicking on the top right corner to click on the “Listen On Repeat” extension.

Step 3 - Consequently, you are bound to get redirected to the page that facilitates looping. Also, just resort to scrolling down to the slider to loop a certain segment of your favorite YouTube video.

Loop Your Favorite YouTube Video by Using a Third-Party Web Server LoopTube

As an alternative to installing third-party extensions on Google Chrome, you can also loop a given YouTube video using the LoopTube website.

Step 1 - Primarily, open the LoopTube website’s homepage by entering on the search or the address bar followed by pressing the Enter button.

Step 2 - Here just launch the video that you wish to loop followed by copying the link of your favorite YouTube video that is currently playing.

Step 3 - Now paste the web address of your preferred YouTube video in the search box of LoopTube’s homepage followed by pressing the Enter button.

Step 4 - Consequently, your favorite YouTube video will continue playing until you intervene to stop the same.

Utilizing YouTube’s Built-in Looping Feature to Facilitate the Looping of Your Favorite YouTube Video

You can also resort to using the built-in looping feature to facilitate looping if you don’t wish to use any third-party applications or on-site looping extensions.

Step 1 - initiate the looping process simply by opening the YouTube that you wish to loop.

Step 2 - Now right-click anywhere on the YouTube player followed by selecting the “Loop” option. Consequently, your preferred YouTube video will start looping unless you stop it.

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  • 03 February 2024