How to Manage Your Disney+ Watchlist?

Is there anyone who knows how to manage your Disney+ watchlist? I am facing some issues while trying to finding channel on Disney pluse watchlist. Help me in managing watchlist.


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13 February 2024

Manage Your Disney+ Watchlist:

Disney Plus is a great video streaming platform where you can watch all your favorite TV shows and movies. You can easily keep a track of all your favorite TV shows. A watchlist makes it easier for you to watch the shows that you want to watch. If you wish to know how to use the watchlist feature of Disney+ to manage all your favorite content on Disney+. 

What is the Watchlist of Disney+?

When the Disney+ library opens up, it is hard to open everything that you see on the screen. A watchlist allows you to create a movie list, this helps you keep a track of everything you wish to see on Disney+. This saves you time as you don't have to go to the search area of your web browser and search for the movie or show you want to watch as you can find everything on the list. 

If you wish to watch something at a later point of time, then you must add it to your watchlist. Every profile you see on Disney+ has its own watchlist. When the viewing time comes, you must open the wishlist and then select your TV show or movie. This will help you have a better Disney+ experience. 

How to Add Disney+ to Your Watchlist?

If you wish to add something to your Disney+ watchlist, then you must click on the Plus icon to open the show or movie you want to watch.  You may also see a watchlist label on your Plus icon. When you select it, it will change to a blue check.

This way, you will learn that you have added media to your list. The same steps apply to every device. You can also remove the show from a watchlist by clicking on the checkmark. 

How to Watch the Disney Plus Watchlist?

You don't see a persistent row on the Disney Plus watchlist. Rather, the way you access the queue varies from device to device. Go to the top menu and then select Watchlist from your web browser. If you are using a Smart TV, then you must go to the left and then select Watchlist.

If you are using a phone, then go to the end of the menu and select Watchlist. Sadly, you can't manage your watchlist in bulk. Hence, you have to go through everything manually. 

Create a Profile for a Separate Watchlist

You can have a maximum of seven profiles on your Disney Plus account. This is extremely useful if a lot of people are using the same subscription. Every profile has a watchlist, which means that you can maintain a list of shows and movies without the fear of fiddling. 

So, this is how you manage your Disney+ watchlist.

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