How to Play YouTube on Sonos?

Please let me know that how to play YouTube on Sonos. I facing some issues while doing this. If anyone knows about this then tell me.




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Play YouTube on Sonos:

If you're looking for multi-room speakers, Sonos is the brand to go with. These speakers provide indisputable sound quality. They're also quite simple to use and adaptable, allowing you to employ them for various purposes.

When it comes to integrating with music services, your Sonos speaker is a force to be reckoned with – and now you can play YouTube on Sonos speaker.

Users may now play music from YouTube directly from the Sonos app, according to an update. If you have a Sonos One, Sonos Beam, Sonos Move, or another Sonos speaker, you can access a vast library of music on demand.

If you have YouTube Premium or YouTube Music Premium, you may now stream playlists, albums, remixes, covers, and other content to your smart speaker. You may also be able to stream using AirPlay – not just the Sonos app – depending on the speaker you have.

We'll walk you through all of the steps you'll need to play YouTube on your Sonos setup, including how to play music if you're not a subscriber to the service.

How You Can Play YouTube Music on Sonos

We'll show you how to stream YouTube videos from your connected device to your Sonos speaker below, but first, here's how to add YouTube Music, the company's paid-for music service, to your speaker.

How to Add YouTube Music to Sonos:

You'll need to install and log in to the Sonos app before you can play YouTube Music on your system.

To get started, follow these steps:

Step 1: Before tapping More >, open the Sonos app. Then, add to Sonos > Music Services > YouTube Music.

Step 2: You'll need to specify whether you already have an account (and have subscribed to YouTube Music) or if you're a first-time user, in which case you'll need to sign up.

Step 3: You'll be redirected to your device's web browser once you've authorized YouTube Music as a service.

Step 4: After that, you'll be asked to enter the code before moving on to the next step.

Step 5: Allow access to the Google account you want to use for YouTube Music.

Step 6: After that, you'll be notified that the account you choose has been authorized.

Step 7: Once you're back in the Sonos app, give YouTube Music a name.

Play YouTube Music on Sonos

It's quite simple to use YouTube from within the Sonos app once you've signed up and are ready to begin. Once there, navigate to the YouTube Music area and select one of the following categories: Library, Recommended, New releases, Top charts, or Mixtape. You can choose playlists, songs, or albums at your leisure from there.

How to Use Sonos to Play Standard YouTube Videos for Free

If you currently have a Spotify or Apple Music subscription, it's doubtful that you also have a YouTube Music subscription.

Is it possible to stream YouTube videos (but not the music) to your Sonos? Yes, if you're using AirPlay 2 to link an iPhone to a Sonos system. No, if you're using an Android device.

How to Use AirPlay 2 to Play YouTube on Sonos

If you have an Apple device, you can use AirPlay to broadcast music wirelessly — it's similar to Bluetooth or Wi-Fi streaming, but it's exclusive for iPhone and iPad.

AirPlay 2 is supported by many Sonos speakers, including the One, Arc, Beam, Five, Playbase, Move, and the second-generation Play:5. Also, keep in mind that the AirPlay 2 logo will only appear in the Safari version of YouTube, not the app.

Follow these instructions to play YouTube on Sonos through AirPlay:

Step 1: Ascertain that your Sonos speaker and linked device are both within range and connected to the same network.

Step 2: Load the YouTube video that you prefer to play.

Step 3: Open the Control Panel on your iPhone (swipe up or down depending on which iPhone model you have).

Step 4: Force After that, tap the AirPlay icon on the music control box. Select your selected Sonos speaker from the list, and the two should connect, with audio playing through your speaker.

How to Play YouTube on Sonos Using Bluetooth

If you have one of Sonos' Bluetooth-enabled speakers, such as the Sonos Roam or the Sonos Move, you can use the Bluetooth capabilities to ping YouTube music to your speaker.

The Roam is the 'superior' option here since, once you're syncing audio over Bluetooth, you can group Sonos' smallest speaker with any other speakers in your Sonos system... something the Move doesn't yet allow.

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