How To Program an RCA Universal Remote?

please let me know that how to program an RCA Universal remote. If anyone knows about that then please suggest to me how to do that.


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Program RCA Universal Remote:

When we talk about universal remote controls for different appliances, the first brand that comes to our mind is RCA. The remote controls of this brand come together with a guide that enables you to identify the code on your TV.

In case you are experiencing issues with programming your remote, then take a look at the comprehensive guide below to learn how to program RCA universal remote.

Use the Code Search Button to Program RCA Universal Remote Control

Step 1: Check if your device has a code search button. This button is the second button on the top of your remote control. Moreover, you will see the words "Code Search" below or above it.

In case your remote has that option or button, then the best way to connect the device would be to enter the code for a particular device. In case the button isn't there, then go to the next section.

Step 2: Power on your TV and device to which you want to pair your remote.

Step 3: Press the code search button and hold it. Also, press the device button along with it. For instance, you are pairing your remote to a new television set, then you must use the TV key.

In case you want to pair your remote control to a DVD player, then press the button of code search and DVD button simultaneously. The remote light is going to flash once and then there will be a stable light.

Step 4: After that, use the number pad to enter the code and hold the device button at the same time. If you want to pair the remote to the DVD player, then press your remote's DVD button.

When you will enter the code using the number pad. When you will enter the code, the light will stop glowing.

Step 5: Test your remote to make sure that every button is working properly. In case the code does not work, then you must search for the code.

Using the code entry search feature, you can view all the codes till you find the one that works.

An Alternate Way to Program RCA Universal Remote

In case you do not have a code search button, then you must not worry. Your remote control can be programmed by the codes given in the manual.

Step 1: Search for the revision number of your remote. In case you don't know what the revision number is, then you can look for it by opening the cartridge where the battery is placed and then taking out the batteries.

Once the batteries are removed, you will find a sticker with numerical values and letters on it. The initial part contains the model number. Right below that number, you will see the revision code. It begins with the R letter and has a maximum of 6 characters.

Step 2: Go to the main website of RCA and then search for the revision number by going to the drop-down menu.  To find the revision number, you must enter the first letter in the box.

Step 3: Select the brand name of your device, which you wish to connect to from the next drop-down menu. If you want your remote control to work with Samsung TV, then go to the drop-down menu and select the name of the brand.

Step 4: Choose the device that you wish to connect from the drop-down menu. Choose the device that you wish to program. If you wish to pair your remote with your TV, then choose television. If your device isn't visible here, then it must be in some other category.

Step 5: Write your code. You can find the code in the middle section of the website. Based on the unit you are using, there can be two kinds of codes from which you have to choose.

Step 6: Power on your TV and the device you wish to pair with. If you wish to connect the remote to a DVD player, then you must ensure that they are both turned on.

Step 7: Use the number pad on your remote control to enter the code and press the device key at the same time. If you are pairing your DVD player to the remote, then keep on pressing the DVD player while entering the code. Please ensure that your remote control is pointed towards the TV the entire time.

Step 8: Check that all the buttons of your remote are working properly.

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