How To Program DirecTV Remote RC73: Easy Guide?

Is there anyone who knows about how to program DirecTV remote RC73. I am facing some isues while using DirecTV Remote. It's not working sometimes. Help me.


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Program DirecTV Remote RC73:

We understand that even the most basic activities, like installing or programming a DIRECTV Remote, may become tiresome and irritating at times. As a result, we took the opportunity of figuring out the exact method or steps required to configure the DIRECTV RC73 remote. The procedures are outlined below.

There may be another option for resolving this issue, which is to configure your DIRECTV RC73 Remote yourself with the assistance of a customer service professional who will walk you through the process step by step. If you are a Spectrum Internet user, you may simply contact Spectrum customer care to have the configuration issues resolved.

How to Program the DIRECTV RC73 Remote

  • You'll notice a green LED light flash twice on the remote if you press select and then mute.
  • Press the channel button after dialing the following number, "961." UP - you'll be able to change the channels on your television.
  • Up and down the volume buttons – the Program Remote option appears.
  • To program the remote, press the Select button.
  • For around a hundred seconds or two minutes, press Enter and the Mute Button simultaneously.
  • The RF set up a page for your DIRECTV Remote RC73 has been successfully completed.
  • The following step is to program your remote to control your television and music.
  • Program TV comes on.
  • Find out what brand of TV you have, such as Samsung, and what model number it is.

How much does It Cost to Get a New DIRECTV Remote?

DIRECTV is a godsend for people who need or want to save money, but there are still certain fees associated with it. In terms of the costs associated with a DIRECTV remote, you should budget between $15.00 and $25.00 for a new remote, depending on the type of remote you previously used, such as the Universal or Genie remote.

If you have a DIRECTV protection package, you may be able to avoid the payment entirely, in which case you will be given a new remote at no cost.

Is It Feasible to Replace the DIRECTV Remote with my Mobile Device, Phone, or Any other Digital Device?

Yes, you may use any phone, tablet, or digital device that has the DIRECTV app loaded. To ensure that the program functions correctly, you must have one of the receivers listed below installed. HR 20, HR 25, HR 21, HR 24, HR 22, and HR 23 are the receiver versions that enable the DIRECTV application.

What is the Best Place to Look for DIRECTV Remote TV Codes?

Nowadays, the ideal option is to search up the inquiry on the internet first so that you have a basic understanding of the product you are buying or having a problem with. This increases your chances of saving money because the solution or treatment to your problem might be as easy as changing the batteries or as complex as changing the settings on your television.

Is There a Voice-Activated Remote for DIRECTV?

Unfortunately, DIRECTV does not have any voice-activated remotes available at this time. The DIRECTV program does, however, have certain voice services.

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