How to Restart Firestick When Frozen

The Firestick is a smart TV device which is produced by Amazon. With this Firestick's help, you can access a range of channels straight to your television. The Amazon Firestick is a pocket-sized, portable device that can be carried anywhere. You can plug it in at the back of your TV and enjoy the content. 

Being an Amazon product, the Amazon Fire Stick comes with an Alexa voice control. You can search for your favorite shows and stream content with a simple voice command. It also supports casting videos like Chromecast. You just have to connect both devices through the same wifi network.

Causes a Firestick to freeze

Streaming content should be a smooth experience. But sometimes your Amazon stick gets frozen in the middle, and you get disturbed by the obstruction. There might be many reasons why your Firestick is frozen.

Some of the reasons are-

  • Problems with software 
  • Overheating of devices
  • Power supply issues
  • Overloading of data 
  • Wifi connectivity issues
  • Not enough storage

You can solve these problems and eliminate the obstructions by restarting your Firestick, ensuring a good internet connection, updating the Firestick software, using a proper adapter, closing background running apps, and taking care of ventilation to avoid overheating. If none works, then you can contact Amazon customer service.

FAQs For How to Restart Firestick When Frozen

How do I force restart my Firestick?

To force restart your fire stick.Press and hold the select ok and play buttons for about 5-10 seconds. The TV will automatically restart itself. Wait till the TV restarts.

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