How To Search On Pluto TV: Easy Guide

Is there anyone who knows about how to search on Pluto TV. I am facing some issues while trying to search channel on Pluto tv. Help me.


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Search On Pluto TV:

Do you wish to know how to search on Pluto TV? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Pluto TV has an added search bar with an update of their app. This will let you search for contacts on free Live TV service. If you wish to know how to make your Pluto TV experience better while browsing for content, then you must read on. 

Pluto TV has a huge channel guide. It has a huge variety of shows. It has different categories of shows on different channels. It has a different category for shows that are currently airing and there is a category of shows with complete seasons. 

Pluto TV didn't have a search feature for a very long time but recently a new update has added the much-needed search bar to your Pluto TV app. Apart from using the search feature, some methods quickly allow you to find the content you want by performing some simple workarounds. Irrespective of whether it is Live TV or On-demand.

Below are the methods that you need to follow to learn how to search on Pluto TV. 

1) Use the Search Bar 

After you update the Pluto TV app, you will see a search bar that was long missing. You can easily select Search from the three icons given at the end of the screen for mobile. Select the search bar given at the top of your screen if you have opened up a webpage to watch Pluto TV.

This applies to Smart TVs that have a search bar on the main screen to search for the content once they load. If you are using Roku, then you can use the global search bar on your Roku to search for the content on Pluto TV. 

2) Look for Content Category Wise

For Live TV

You can make your life easier while searching for a specific Live TV channel. You must group the channels on your Pluto TV by category. Below are the steps that you need to follow to group by category. This way, searching for Live TV shows will become easier for you. 

  • Use the panel given n the left side and then choose a category of the Live TV channel that you are looking for. 
  • Go through all the channels in that category and search for your channel. 
  • Once you find your channel, select it. 
  • On-Demand Programming 

The process remains the same for On-Demand content and you must sort content by category first.

Below are the steps that you need to follow to search On-Demand content on Pluto TV.

Step 1: Choose the category that has your On-Demand program. The categories are given in the pane on the left. 

Step 2: Go through the content given in the On-Demand content category and search for the content that you want. 

Step 3: Select the content that you want to watch. 

3) Search On Google 

If you mostly search for shows on Google, then there is an information panel that has review scores. After that, you can click on the show or movie and start watching it.

In case the movie or show has aired on Pluto TV, then you will see its link next to some famous streaming services such as Hulu and Netflix. 

4) Use the Watchlist

The last method of searching is not a search and may ask you to save the content that you want to watch when you are browsing on Pluto TV. This will allow you to save all the movies and TV shows you wish to watch.

Choose the shows that you desire to watch whenever you are browsing on your Plut TVand then add them to your watchlist. This will help you make a list of TV shows and movies, which you can go to if you have nothing to watch. It acts as a repository for the shows you wish to watch.

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