How to Start a Video in YouTube at a Specific Time

YouTube, a Google-owned website, is a video-sharing platform that has thousands of videos. It has so many videos of different kinds. It has entertainment videos, education tutorials, art and craft videos and so much more.

A lot of websites start slowly and has multiple websites. If you wish to save time and don't wanna watch unnecessary parts, then you can also start a video at a particular time.

Below are the Steps That You Need to Follow to Start a Video on YouTube at a Specific Time. 

Step 1: Search for the URL of your YouTube video that you wish to play on your PC. If you wish to get the web address of the video, then you need to select it in the address bar of your browser. 

Step 2: Add "#t=XmYs" next to the URL. Here X is the minute and Y is the second at which you wish to start your video. In case you wish to start the video at 2 minutes and 30 seconds in the video, you are required to enter "Video_URL#t=2m30s" in the location bar of your browser. 

Step 3: Select the whole link and then you need to copy it to the clipboard by pressing Ctrl+C. You need to paste the web address of the video in the address bar of your browser. Then, press the Enter key to start a video at a particular time. 

So, these are the steps that you need to follow to start a YouTube video at a specific time.

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