How to Stop Apps from Running in the Background in Android?

Please let me know how to stop apps from running in the background in Android. I am facing some issues while using apps on android. Help me.


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Stop Apps from Running in the Background in Android:

It is common for mobile phone apps to run in the background. This one thing keeps the app active the entire time and it also helps other apps to function properly. Sometimes your device becomes slow and its battery starts to drain quickly, which may convince you to check what is wrong with the apps running in the background.

Below are the troubleshooting steps that you need to perform in order to prevent the app from running in the background. You can turn on everything once everything is back to normal. So, let's discuss the solutions one by one. 

1) Update Your Operating System 

The latest version of Android has incredible management features. It can reduce the background operation of the apps with the use of machine learning. Continuous background operation of the app can degrade the performance or drain your battery.

The adaptive battery feature will allow you to determine, which apps you are going to use at a later point of time, and then it puts a limitation on the use of system resources. 

2) Check the Use of Battery 

In order to check the use of the battery, you first need to go to Settings, battery, and then select battery usage. Now, the screen is going to display the total battery percentage to you. The detail view will allow you to toggle between Show all usage and Show app usage.

In the app usage section, you are going to see the percentage next to every entry. It is also going to display the recent battery usage. Search for the app that you think is getting used more than it should. If you find anything suspicious, then that can be the culprit. 

3) Check Process Statistics or Running Services

You can double-check the apps running on your system currently by accessing the developer options of your device. 

Go to System, About Phone, Software info, and then build number. Now, unlock Developer options by tapping 7 times in a row. The system sheet is going to take you to the Developer options in case you have it enabled already.

You can search for the Build number in the search bar and this will give you the path and enable you to go to the control directly. If you are using Samsung Galaxy, you are going to see Settings, About Device, Software Info, and Build number. 

  • Enter your PIN number if asked. 
  • You will receive a message that says you are a new developer. 
  • Go to Settings and then go to Developer options and then search for running services and process statistics based on the Android version you are using. 
  • If you are using the Android 6.0 marshmallow version, then you will see the live RAM status in the upper section.
  • You are going to see a list in the process statistics in the older Android versions. The percentage is going to tell you how often the app is running. 

4) Halt Background Apps Temporarily

Another way to stop your app from running in the background is to halt them temporarily. You need to make sure that when you open the app the next time, the background process will start running again. 

Step 1: Select the button of Recent Apps on your phone and then close the app individually. However, this is not going to stop background services and processes from running. 

Step 2: If your device is running on Android 6.0. or above, then select Settings and then finally go to Developer Options. After that, go to Running Services. Then, you need to go to Active Apps and select Stop. You are going to see a warning sign if the app is not stopped safely. 

Step 3: If you are using an older version of Android, then go to Settings, Developer Options and then finally select Process Statistics. Now, select the Active app and then click on Force Stop. 

Step 4: In many versions of Android, you can select Settings and then click on Apps or Settings. After that, gi to Applications and then finally go to app manager. Select app and then select the option of Force Stop.

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  • 16 February 2024