How to Stop Netflix App from Auto-Playing Episodes?

Is there anyone who knows about how to stop the Netflix app from auto-playing Episodes? I am facing this type of problem. If you know about it's solution then give us.


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Stop Netflix App from Auto-Playing Episodes:

The Auto-play episode feature of Netflix has become a disturbance instead of an assistance. It was initially created to reduce the browsing time of viewers by giving them some extra information about the episode based on their choices and preferences so that they don't leave Netflix. 

This brings ease to the users in making choices. Also, it saves scrolling time and gives more watching time to the users. However, this feature has become a nuisance now as it ruins the streaming experience in some way or the other. Here in this article, you will learn how to stop the Netflix app from auto-playing the episodes. 

One can't simply turn off the autoplay feature of Netflix as Netflix does not provide such settings. However, you try out methods for different Netflix accounts. The playback settings work for only one profile. In order to make changes in other profiles, you need to make changes one by one in every profile. 

In case this doesn't work, then you can use the Netflix Tweaked extension for Firefox or Chrome browser. This extension is specifically designed to tweak the home screen of Netflix. Moreover, the Netflix classic Chrome extension can stop auto-playing videos and hover states. 

How to Stop the Netflix App from Auto-Playing Episodes?

The official name of the autoplay feature is "Post-play". This feature allows you to see the preview of the next episode while the current episode is about to end. When you binge-watch one episode after the other, then the next episode will begin with the "Previously on" scene. The scene is enabled by default. 

If you wish to disable the auto-play feature of Post-Play, then you need to sign into Netflix and then select the drop-down arrow given right next to your icon and then click on the option of "Account". 

After that, go down to the "my profile" section and then search for the "Playback Settings". After that, uncheck the box against "Play next episode automatically". 

When you are done performing these steps, then you need to save the settings. If you have multiple Netflix profiles on one account, then this will change your profile's playback settings. If you wish to make changes in other profiles as well, then you need to perform the same process for every profile. 

This will disable the upcoming post-play feature. However, other features of post-play will still remain enabled. The Post-Play feature is available for many devices. These devices include Netflix app for Windows 10, Blu-ray players, and Smart TVs.

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