How to Stream on Twitch from a PC, Mac, PlayStation 4?

Please let me know that how to stream on Twitch from a PC, Mac, PlayStation 4? I am facing some issues while doing this. Give me any idea.


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Stream on Twitch from a PC, Mac, PlayStation 4:

Do you want to know how to stream Twitch on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Mac, or PC? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Gaming is an amazing means to interact with people and make friends. 

However, one may have to make some effort to stream on Twitch. Before you start with the process, you need to ensure that you have the right equipment and software. Here in this article, you will learn how to stream on Windows PC, Xbox, and PS4. 

Create a Twitch account

In order to play games on Twitch, you need to create an account on Twitch. You can easily do that by going to the official website of Twitch and then select the Sign-Up link in purple given at the top right corner. Now, create the credentials of your choice and then click on Sign Up given at the end. After that, click on the username option given in the upper-right corner. 

Before you stream anything on Twitch, you need to go to its community guidelines page and check for rule violations. This includes ageist views, homophobic, and promoting racism. Also, the list continues with making bad remarks about disabled people and military veterans. 

Streaming of nude content is also prohibited. Most importantly, you should not let your viewers get engaged in any heated conversations that may lead to harassment. 

How to Stream from Mac or Windows?

Streaming games on Mac or Windows is a lot more difficult than streaming them on Xbox or PS4. This is because most of the systems don't have inbuilt software that can enable you to get started immediately. You can use products like XSplit to have complete control over the broadcast. 

In case you don't know the basics of streaming, then it is advisable to download Open Broadcaster Software. If you wish to begin with the streaming with a small setup, then use the Twitch Studio App. This is a beta app and is available in Windows always. Read out the steps below in order to know how to stream Twitch on Mac and Windows. 

Step 1: Download OBS

It is very easy to download OBS. To start with, go to the Twitch interface and then select your username. After that, select the Creator Dashboard Link. If you update Twitch, then it will introduce a lot of changes to you. The first change that you witness will be the welcome page. 

After that, you must search for the three bars located in the upper-left corner of your screen. Now, select the drop-down menu as it will display a number of options from where you can choose. Now, click on the option of Streaming Tools. 

A page will open up before you with many download links to many streaming applications such as OBS. When you open the OBS website, select the OBS version you wish to download. Now, choose from Linux, Mac, and Windows. 

Step 2: Set up to Stream

To know how to get the most benefit from OBS, there are some things that you need to keep in mind before you start. The three things you need to keep your focus on are encoder, audio bit rate, and video bit rate. Select Settings and then go to the Output tab and ensure that the video rate is set to 2,500. This way you will be able to stream content in 720p. 

If you want a better resolution, then you can go up to 1080p as well. In case you wish to stream in 720p at 60 FPS, then you must increase the bit rate to 3500. Irrespective of the resolution, the audio bit rate should be 128. However, you can reduce the bit rate if you find that your internet speed is slow. 

Step 3: Enter the Stream Key

Go back to the Twitch website and then open the creator dashboard. Select Preferences and then choose the option of Channel by going to the drop-down menu. Now, a page will open up before you where you will find your Primary Stream Key and some other options. 

After that, press the copy button given right next to it. If you find that your stream key is being shared where it shouldn't then reset it.

Step 4: Set up the Game

The next thing that you need to do is to set up audio devices for the stream. Now, go to the Audio Mixer Area of OBS. This should at least have a volume bar set up on your desktop. In case it doesn't, then manually carry out the instructions that you would want for your microphone. 

Now, search for the Settings button in OBS and then go to the bottom right corner of the app. Once, you are done with all this, then you can start streaming.

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  • 10 November 2023